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Please help me get this book started – I need a get well soon card!

If you are a regular at the Nasscom India Leadership Forum, held every February in Mumbai, then you must surely know Alex Blues. Alex is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world in the field of outsourcing, with a track record  that includes being a partner at PA Consulting, a Director at KPMG, a director at Orbys, and he was once the European head of Syntel.

Search Google for “Alex Blues Nasscom” and you will find thousands of references to his Nasscom comments in blogs and magazines and just look at the hundreds of videos he has made from the Nasscom event.

Alex is a true friend of Nasscom, and he is a friend of mine too. But this year Alex is not in Mumbai and neither am I. For me the reason is simple. A company was going to send me over there to blog about the event, then they changed their mind just a couple of weeks ago, leaving me no time to make alternative plans.

For Alex, it’s not so simple. He is in hospital in the UK recovering from a car crash that took place many months ago in Kenya. He was on holiday with his wife and, to cut a long story short, she was beaten up by the collision and suffered many broken bones, but is now well on the road to recovery.

Alex needed an air ambulance to get back to the UK and is still very poorly. He is partially paralysed and cannot speak, so although his mind is still fine he is trapped in a world where he can’t speak and can’t move in a coordinated enough way to type or write.

But the doctors are working on the best hand he still has, and his speech, and once one or the other is working again, me and Alex are going to write a book together about how the role of influencers has entirely changed within the outsourcing and global services market. It’s an exciting topic that will take in the analysts, the consultants and advisors, and even the hi-tech bloggers and social media experts.

How people make buying decisions has changed enormously since the old days of buying an analyst report for thousands of dollars and trusting those opinions with a budget of millions.

So I need your help if me and Alex are going to get this project together. He still has all this untapped knowledge about the market and I know that you would find it useful as well, so can you do me a favour please?

Email him on alex@carteblanchebs.co.uk and tell him how much you would like to hear that he is well enough to start working on the book.

Or, what would be even better is if you could take a moment to mail a real get-well card. He won’t be leaving hospital anytime soon so if you can make the effort to buy a real card and send it – like we used to before email – then I know he would appreciate that too.

His wife, Caroline, has promised to read him all your messages. Get them focused on how much he needs to start communicating again so he can get to work on this book and I’m sure his recovery can start sooner.

Alex Blues, A5 Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Hills Road

Cambridge CB2 0QQ

United Kingdom

Will you help me – and Alex –  please? Thanks… and I hope to see the Nasscom crowd again in 2013, I miss the food in Mumbai and the random debates about music in Glasgow. You just don’t know how bad Indian food is in Brazil 🙂

One final note. Back in the days before social media had really taken off in the corporate world – like way back in 2008 – I uploaded this video of Alex at the Nasscom conference in Mumbai. I ended up in trouble for it because every time a potential client of PA Consulting was told they might be working with Alex, they would Google his name. One of the first results was always Alex enjoying a glass of wine in Mumbai with the team from Steria. Not quite the image a professional firm wants to see, but it certainly helped PA to understand the power of the Internet…

Cleveland police outsource to Steria

I’ve made a number of comments on this £175m deal, just announced today:
You can see my video comment here…
You can hear my audio comment here…
You can see my blog for the National Outsourcing Association here…
It’s an important and interesting deal, even if you don’t usually pay attention to anything related to shared services. Here is a police authority placing their control room in the hands of the private sector. It should lead to improved service and cash savings, as well as allowing the police to focus on their community work – in theory everyone wins.
I expect to see a lot more of these public sector outsourcing deals in the near future as the new government seeks out ways to slash the budget. If they can do it through these kind of efficiencies then it should work in favour of the public, but there is no guarantee that every deal will follow this shared service model.

NASSCOM. My week in Mumbai…

I spent most of last week in Mumbai, India, at the NASSCOM annual conference. I was there as part of a Steria press trip that also included Mark Samuels from CIO Connect and Jo Best from silicon.com. Here is a list of some of the blogs I produced and interviews I recorded… ready for use in some future blog posts. I will have more NASSCOM material coming soon, once I catch up with everything I noted there in India… I’m also producing a white paper on the Indian tech industry with PA Consulting, so that should be available soon too…


Interviews (recorded and will soon be appearing on various blogs)
Francois Enaud, Steria
Mukesh Aghi, Steria
John Torrie, Steria
Gayathri Mohan, Steria
Isaac George, Steria
Manish Khandelwal, PA Consulting
Alex Blues, PA Consulting
Chocko Valliappa, Vee Technologies
KK Natarajan, Mindtree
Norman Pitman, CSC
Michael Bieler, CSC
Sachin Tikekar, KPIT Cummins
Suresh Sundaram, HCL
Santanu Nandi, FirstSource
Sanjeev Sinha, FirstSource
Sudip Banerjee, L&T Infotech
John Suffolk, UK government
Kishor Patil, KPIT Cummins
Ganesh Natarajan, Zensar
Arvind Thakur, NIIT Technologies
Baru Rao, Capgemini
Padmini Sharathkumar, Polaris
Arijit Sengupta, WNS
Deborah Kops, WNS
Suketu Patel, Infosys
Abhijit Mazumder, TCS
Avinash Sethi , Infobeans

Video produced during NASSCOM
Arriving at the HYATT hotel

Gayathri Mohan on CSR

Mark Samuels and Jo Best

Walking through the NASSCOM crowd

John Torrie


NASSCOM We Will Rock You dancing

Hyatt gardens

Alex Blues of PA Consulting

Mukesh Aghi

The company stands at NASSCOM

Francois Enaud

Audio Podcasts published during NASSCOM
Isaac George, Steria
Manish Khandelwal, PA Consulting
John Suffolk, UK Government CIO


Steria Exchange blog
Francois Enaud on sustainability

Summary of NASSCOM by Isaac George

Mukesh Aghi on new markets

Hilary on stage at the party

Sustainability research from K2

Optimism in India

Gayathri Mohan interview

Computing blog
Future of Customer Service

Optimism at NASSCOM


Time for NASSCOM

Welcome to the event

Who is your female tech heroine?

Steria CSR head on video

Back to the BRICs

Power to the bloggers

Should Shashi Tharoor use twitter?

Summary of the event

Author takes off shirt during PowerPoint presentation

OK, so you know how it is. You go along to see a presenter talking about something worthy and connected to your work. Something like outsourcing and globalisation perhaps? But how often does does the presenter:

1. Start off by mentioning the recession only for the audience to be showered in Monopoly money;

2. Change shirt four times while speaking;

3. Kick a football *into* the audience;

4. Get audience members to wave placards around from the front row;

5. Serve audience members food and drinks straight from McDonald’s…

Well, if that sounds a little bit different then take a look at the edited highlights from my own ‘Talking Outsourcing’ book launch.

You get all of that in about 5 minutes… enjoy!

Talking Outsourcing Book Launch – thanks!

I could write a long note of thanks to everyone who helped, but why bother when I recorded a short video to say it instead? Do go and take a look here…

Talking Outsourcing – Book Launch on Oct 1

My new book, Talking Outsourcing, is going to be launched on October 1st at London South Bank University.

Everyone with an interest in the subject is welcome to attend. It’s a National Outsourcing Association (NOA) event supported by the major IT services firm, Steria.

The BPO Strategy Director of Steria, Hilary Robertson, will be speaking along with globalisation expert, Philippe Legrain. I’ll be talking about my new book and hopefully we will all have some fun following the talks with a few drinks.

I’ve got a video on youtube here that tells you a bit more about the event.

For more details you can check here or to register yourself, just email your details to Natalie Milsom at the NOA.