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I’m moving to Brazil

Some of you may be aware already, but I’m moving to São Paulo in Brazil. I’m starting a new business in 2011 called IT Decisions, which will be a CIO magazine/community/research house and I hope will shake up the model of analysis of the tech sector in Latin America – and media coverage for board-level technology.

I’m still in London now, but I am busy with packing and closing out a lot of final work-related things. However, here are few places you might be able to catch me if you want to say goodbye:

Dec 11. Clan London Christmas party

Dec 15. CW500 Club

Dec 16. Billy Bragg at the Troxy

Dec 18. Smyths at Kilburn

Dec 20. Pogues at Brixton

Dec 22. BibleCode Sundays at Waxy’s

Dec 23. Rose & Crown in Ealing from 6pm (farewell to the Ealing tweetup crowd)

After that, I’m gone. Christmas is with my family down in Hampshire then I’m flying to Brazil on the 28th…

Computer Weekly on Brazil

Contact me at NASSCOM

I’m in Mumbai at the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum.

If you are trying to reach me, then please text my mobile phone. Don’t call me. I don’t often take calls when I am roaming, unless I know who it is. If I need to talk to you then I can call on Skype (I’m markkobayashihillary by the way)…

If you need my phone number then take a look here…

Author takes off shirt during PowerPoint presentation

OK, so you know how it is. You go along to see a presenter talking about something worthy and connected to your work. Something like outsourcing and globalisation perhaps? But how often does does the presenter:

1. Start off by mentioning the recession only for the audience to be showered in Monopoly money;

2. Change shirt four times while speaking;

3. Kick a football *into* the audience;

4. Get audience members to wave placards around from the front row;

5. Serve audience members food and drinks straight from McDonald’s…

Well, if that sounds a little bit different then take a look at the edited highlights from my own ‘Talking Outsourcing’ book launch.

You get all of that in about 5 minutes… enjoy!

Talking Outsourcing book launch – the video

Video footage from the launch of my new book ‘Talking Outsourcing’ is now online. Thank you to the National Outsourcing Association for promoting this book launch event, and Steria for supporting the event and making it possible:

Follow these links to view the films:

Angelica Mari Introduction & Hilary Robertson 1/2
Hilary Robertson 2/2

Philippe Legrain 1/2
Philippe Legrain 2/2

Mark Kobayashi-Hillary 1/3
Mark Kobayashi-Hillary 2/3
Mark Kobayashi-Hillary 3/3

Panel Discussion 1/3
Panel Discussion 2/3
Panel Discussion 3/3

For more information on the book, please go and visit the website here.

Talking Outsourcing Book Launch – thanks!

I could write a long note of thanks to everyone who helped, but why bother when I recorded a short video to say it instead? Do go and take a look here…