Suicide Up Close in São Paulo

I’ve never seen a jumper up close. Suicide where someone leaps off a tall building is always what you see in movies and usually a hero comes and talks the jumper out of leaping to their death.

However, after I had finished my sandwich in a snack bar on Rua Augusta in São Paulo this evening I stepped outside and saw cops all around the street. It was not clear what was going on, but then I saw two fire trucks arriving and I looked up and saw a young woman standing on the edge of the building.

She was not ridiculously high up – maybe just 4 floors above the ground – but even so I guess a 20 metre fall can go either way. She just stood there right on the edge of the building with no shoes on, just her bare feet inching slowly over the edge.

I started watching the spectacle because I wanted to see how the police would handle it. The cops in São Paulo are not known for their subtlety so I just wanted to see if they could talk her out of jumping.

One police negotiator was on the edge of the building close to her. He kept approaching with a phone. I guess he was encouraging her to speak to a friend or family member. From the way the phone kept lighting up, I guess he kept on trying to get a number from her.

But what was important was that this guy kept her focused on the safe zone. He never let her look back or look down, she was always looking at him or the phone with her back to the edge. While she was focused on him, two firemen raised a platform behind her and one suddenly grabbed her and pulled her into the safety of the platform.

She was kicking and screaming, but she had two big firemen pressing her down until they could lower the platform to the road. She was saved, for today.

I carried on watching because I wanted to see how the fire and police service handled this emergency and they did a good job. They diverted her attention enough to be able to get a platform behind her so she could be carried to safety, but as I walked away from this unusual street theatre I was left pondering a few thoughts.

Why would hundreds of people rush to take her photograph as she was released on the ground? Nobody on the street knows her story and why she felt that suicide was the only option. Why take her photo? Do people really want to get a portrait of an “almost-suicide” for their Instagram page that desperately?

She was so young. Perhaps 21 or 22 and pretty – not that beauty matters essentially, but it contrasts starkly with such a grim situation. What could have gone so disastrously wrong in her life by this age to cause her to want to just end everything? Perhaps if she can recover now and enjoy another 60 years of life with a family she might one day remember when two firemen made it all possible?

It’s disturbing to watch someone on the edge of taking their own life. For around 20 minutes I stood there wondering if the police could save her. When a second negotiator moved in and scared her I thought it was all over, but in the end both the police and fire service did a good job. They understood how to distract her and saved her life.

I walked home and still felt disturbed. Sometimes we all forget just how close we all are to not existing. When I read about the death of Jim Carrey’s girlfriend, Cathriona White, in the news today it was made even stranger by the fact that her Instagram and Twitter were all updated almost until the moment of her death. The actual switch from life to death takes place in an instant and to look at social networks anyone might believe a person is still here.

I’m glad that the cops saved that woman tonight, but saddened that in our modern smartphone culture a suicide is just seen as entertainment. And the taxi driver who got upset about the road diversion when I told him it was because of a suicide needs to learn about empathy for other people – I wouldn’t want to be his partner!

tentativa de suicídio na rua Augusta 😁😩 #suicidio #suicide #augusta #baixoaugusta #saopaulo

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Join me at #EalingTweetup on Sep 8!

If you Google “Ealing Tweetup” thousands of results pop up. That’s because this event is still one of the biggest social media focused events in London, even though it has retained a strong community-focused non-commercial spirit.

I kicked it off back in 2009, but I’ve been living outside the UK for over 4 years now so it’s fantastic to see that the event is still regularly running in Ealing. Michael Greer is now looking after it with the Ealing Hour team and from what I can see online it is still a great event.

I’m leaving Brazil tomorrow and after a quick stop in New York I will be in London by Saturday. I’m going to be at the next tweetup, which is on Tuesday September 8th at The Forester in Ealing. Tickets are free and I’d love to say hello in London.

Click here to register for the event and please say hello on Twitter before the event. I’m @markhillary on Twitter, Periscope, and Instagram:-)

Ealing Tweetup Sep 8 @ The Forester #ealingtweetup #ealinghour #ealing #london #w5 #twitter #tweetup

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I’m So Bored of Skype

I’m so tired of Skype. How can any company be so bad when here I am trying to give them money?
I made a payment using PayPal to Skype to reinstate my expired SkypeIn phone number. PayPal made the payment then instantly reversed it – refunding me. PayPal told me that this was because there was no balance on my PayPal account… they needed to transfer money from my bank and it would then be paid to Skype.
I’ve never seen this problem with PayPal before. I called PayPal yesterday and they assured me that I don’t need to do anything – Skype will take the payment soon. I have been waiting 5 days for this payment to take place now. It’s absolutely ridiculous.
I contacted Skype today to ask what is going on with the payment from PayPal and what did they tell me to do? Use Internet Explorer and clear my browser cache?
What is this all about? Is Microsoft so wealthy that they don’t want customers to pay for any services?
I’ve absolutely had it with Skype now – that’s really it. I’m so bored chasing them for support when I am not even complaining – I am trying to buy a service. If Skype does not respond to this blog in the next day day or so offering to just fix this situation then I’m sorting myself a new VoIP provider. This is just a ridiculous situation.
Take a look at my transcript with Skype support today. After asking for help they just cut me off.
info: at 8:58:39
Please wait for an agent to respond. You are currently ‘1’ in the queue.
info: at 9:00:39
All agents are currently assisting others. Thank you for your patience. An agent will be with you shortly. You are currently ‘1’ in the queue.
info: at 9:02:39
All agents are currently assisting others. Thank you for your patience. An agent will be with you shortly. You are currently ‘1’ in the queue.
info: at 9:04:39
All agents are currently assisting others. Thank you for your patience. An agent will be with you shortly. You are currently ‘1’ in the queue.
info: at 9:05:52
Privacy Statement
You are now chatting with ‘Herbert P’.
Herbert P: at 9:05:58
Hello! My name is Herbert.
Herbert P: at 9:05:58
Welcome to Skype Customer Service. If for some reason we get disconnected, please click on this chat support link: and you’ll be reconnected in few seconds with our Skype Customer service.
Herbert P: at 9:05:58
With that being said, how can I help you today?
Mark: at 9:06:01
Mark: at 9:06:05
My Skype number expired
Herbert P: at 9:06:13
I see.
Mark: at 9:06:15
I tried to reinstate the number by paying with PayPal
Mark: at 9:06:21
There was a payment
Mark: at 9:06:28
then PayPal instantly refunded Skype
Herbert P: at 9:06:30
Herbert P: at 9:06:35
I’ll be more than willing to assist you with your concern and have your account checked for you.
Herbert P: at 9:06:40
To start with, can I have your Skype name and your first name for me to address you correctly.
Mark: at 9:06:47
They said that they need to transfer the cash from my bank account – then make the payment to Skype
Mark: at 9:06:58
So I asked PayPal about this
Mark: at 9:07:03
they said I don’t need to do anything
Mark: at 9:07:08
Skype will automatically take the payment
Herbert P: at 9:07:10
I see.
Mark: at 9:07:13
But I want to check with you
Mark: at 9:07:22
are you planning to take it because I want to get my number working again
Mark: at 9:07:56
You have all my details – I had to login to get support – why do support lines ask for details all over again?
Herbert P: at 9:08:36
Please give me your Skype name.
Mark: at 9:09:02
Mark: at 9:09:07
Why do I need to login to get support?
Herbert P: at 9:09:10
Thank you!
Mark: at 9:09:14
if the first thing you ask for is my skype name?
Herbert P: at 9:09:18
Let me pull up your account.
Herbert P: at 9:12:08
Skype is committed to respecting your privacy, security, and the confidentiality of your personal data. Thus, this verification process is one of the measures we have to safeguard your interest.
Herbert P: at 9:12:09
For security purposes, we will be sending a code to the email address linked to your account. Once you receive it, please send it (back) to me here in chat.
Mark: at 9:12:53
OK, I’m waiting
Herbert P: at 9:13:02
Sent it.
Mark: at 9:14:23
Herbert P: at 9:15:01
Thank you!
Herbert P: at 9:15:46
Let me verify your account. J I am already pulling up your account details. I will just need a minute to check them and then we can proceed.
Herbert P: at 9:19:48
Thank you for patiently waiting.
Herbert P: at 9:20:27
Have you tried clearing your browsers cache and cookies?
Herbert P: at 9:20:40
Alright please use Internet Explorere.
Herbert P: at 9:20:46
Mark: at 9:21:47
Um, seriously?
Mark: at 9:21:49
Clear the cache?
Mark: at 9:21:53
I have talked to PayPal
Mark: at 9:21:56
I said that to you
Mark: at 9:22:08
I made the payment to Skype
Mark: at 9:22:30
PayPal made an immediate refund and initiated the transfer from my bank account to PayPal
Mark: at 9:22:55
I need Skype to try taking the payment again – PayPal says this should be automatic but I have been waiting 5 days
Mark: at 9:23:03
Now I ask you guys about it and you tell me to clear my cache?
Herbert P: at 9:23:03
Herbert P: at 9:23:11
I perfectly understand.
Herbert P: at 9:23:51
Please do try it, there’s nothing wrong to try and if it will work, that’s that time you will believe me.
Mark: at 9:24:49
OK, could you please just pass me on to someone who can help and advise on the payment systems rather than telling me to use another browser
Mark: at 9:24:50
Herbert P: at 9:25:25
Please try it first.
Herbert P: at 9:25:28
Can you?
Herbert P: at 9:25:37
Just try it.
Mark: at 9:26:07
OK, Skype is going to be dumped from my phone and computer if I do not get someone who can help me here – I am trying to give you money not making a complaint
Mark: at 9:26:31
What’s wrong with your company? People get in touch offering money and you turn them away and make it as hard as possible?
Herbert P: at 9:26:42
Sir, you need help right?
Mark: at 9:28:00
Look, this has nothing to do with my cache or browser and everything to do with the relationship between PayPal and Skype – now can someone please check on the payment status and advise why you are not taking the money from PayPal?
Herbert P: at 9:28:27
Herbert P: at 9:28:36
I’m asking you nicely.
Herbert P: at 9:28:52
Let’s have a deal.
Herbert P: at 9:29:21
Try it first, and if it will not work, I’ll let you talk with my supervisor.
Herbert P: at 9:29:31
Will that be fair?
Mark: at 9:31:26
OK, so I cleared the cache, all browsing history, downloads, cached images, files, cookies… so what should happen now?
Mark: at 9:41:59
What do I need to do now? It’s been 10 minutes since I saw any messages on here
system: at 9:53:10
Chat not initialized.
system: at 9:53:31
Chat already ended
system: at 9:53:34
Chat already ended
system: at 9:53:34
Trying to send a line, but there is no current chat session.
Mark: at 9:53:34
What do you mean?
system: at 9:53:50
Chat already ended
system: at 9:53:51
Chat already ended
system: at 9:53:51
Trying to send a line, but there is no current chat session.
Mark: at 9:53:51

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Time in Isolation – Santa Casa hospital in São Paulo

I’m not ill very often. In fact, my wife has asked me when I am ever ill. Until this year she could never remember me once visiting the doctor. So in January this year I went to hospital for a full checkup. Of course, that was a planned visit so it doesn’t count.

However, a couple of months ago I got bronchitis and was knocked out for about a week by that. Then, more recently, I was ill again so I’ve managed to go years without ever troubling a doctor and this year I’ve been ill twice!

The thing I really did learn from my bronchitis was to ignore the feeling that it will all be OK tomorrow – I just need some sleep. I thought I had flu back then, but it got worse everyday and I had, probably, four days of feeling really bad before I went to the hospital.

This time I thought I had some dermatitis, a skin rash on my face near my left eye. It looked like it from what I could see online. But I had a really bad headache too. After a few days I decided to go back to hospital – a headache that lasts day after day and a rash that is getting worse is not normal.

They told me it’s a bacterial infection and gave me some antibiotic eyedrops to help my eye. The next day I didn’t feel any better, then the following day I could not even get out of bed. The pain was so intense I could not talk and my eye was useless – I could only use one eye!

Estou doente 😩 #hospital #doente #sick #zoster #shingles #saopaulo

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My wife was at our house and I was at our apartment so I was stuck alone and had a big problem. My wife called a friend, Renata, who came over and managed to grab me and steer me to the nearest hospital. Unfortunately they would not accept my insurance, but I just said I’ll pay! This is something British people forget – in the UK healthcare is never charged at hospitals. It’s strange for me here sometimes, wondering if the insurance covers this or that.

Anyway, that was on Thursday last week. The doctor found that the skin rash was actually shingles and my eye was infected. So I had a virus attacking my eye! No wonder I had a big headache. They gave me one IV drip after another full of painkillers and after three of them I could talk normally again… for the past week I have been on painkillers, antivirals, and antibiotics plus seeing an eye specialist every day to ensure my eye is OK.

Minha vista 😃👍 #hospital #santacasa #saopaulo

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The pressure inside my eye soared because it was so inflamed… just two days ago it was still twice normal pressure inside the eye.

Anyway, the bottom line is that things are back to normal now. I’ve had an entire week inside hospital being cared for 24/7 by some fantastic medical staff. I can’t fault the team here at Santa Isabel in São Paulo. Although they come in to give me my first drugs early – about 05:30 – and my last IV drip is at about midnight.

Bom dia segunda #hospital #santacasa #saopaulo #maozinho 😩

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In many ways it’s been nice. I’ve been plunged into a Portuguese-only environment so I have been practicing conversation with all the nurses and I have read at least one new book everyday. Add to that every meal served in bed, afternoon tea, and evening tea and it’s not been so bad – at least once the pain was under control!

One funny thing has been that as I lay in my bed here in the hospital, I can see my apartment building. The nurses here all think it’s really funny that I can look out and see home. The curved building, covered in blue netting, on the right of the photo is my one!

Por do sol #copan #italia #saopaulo #centro

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The lesson, as it was with my bronchitis, is really to judge when to see the doctor. Don’t ignore any illness even if you think it’s just a cold or nothing serious. If it has lasted a couple of days then go and get checked out – I know that I will be at the doctor quicker in future, though I hope that’s it for me this year. Twice in a year at hospital is more than enough for 2015!

Bom dia sábado #sol #manha #nascerdosol #saopaulo

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I’m going home tomorrow morning. I’m grateful to the fantastic team here at the hospital. It was a painful start to my week here, but it actually became quite nice at the end:-)

Is Rio Excited About the Olympics in 2016?

Here’s the thing. A few days back was the one-year-to-go point for the Rio Olympics. The Olympic committee seemed pretty confident that most things are on track for the games. Some of the venues are ready now. Some are almost ready. From what I read there only seemed to be one venue that was really struggling to meet deadlines.

But we still have a year to go. Who can forget the images from Greece before the Athens 2004 games where it seemed that venues were still being constructed days before the events were to start?

But what I find really funny is how the media – in Brazil and globally – are all saying that nobody is looking forward to the games in Brazil. Ticket sales are low. People are worried about the economic situation. The Guardian even went so far as to suggest that people in Brazil are still upset about Germany thrashing Brazil 7-1 in the World Cup last year.

What is worth remembering is that this happens before every Olympic games. Take a look back at London. Perhaps I’m biased because I am British, but it was one of the most memorable Olympic events ever in my opinion. From the amazing opening ceremony to the way the volunteers changed the way the entire city operated. It was a time to remember in the UK. Ask most people in London about the Olympics in 2012 and they will have fond memories of a month when people were friendlier than usual – there was an improvement in the way the entire city functioned and people enjoyed it.

But a week before the 2012 games it was all different. I wrote about it at the time in the Huffington Post. The press were wailing that there was no security in London, that missile launchers were being erected on buildings, that bus drivers wanted to strike, that the tube would not run, that the Olympic bus drivers had no idea how to find the stadium, and that the budget was out of control… the 2012 Olympics was generally hated by the media.

That article was published one week before the 2012 games began and my point was generally to say, “look let’s get behind this now because the whole world is watching London.”

What response did I get? Almost 100 comments on the article and every single one saying what a complete tosser I am for suggesting this. Every comment complained about the Olympics in London.

Spin forward a week to the opening ceremony and every Brit was laughing at the Queen with James Bond, Mr Bean, singing Kinks and Beatles songs. Suddenly everyone loved the fact that the entire world was watching Britain and enjoying it. Suddenly people felt proud of being British.

But this hasn’t happened in Rio yet. In fact I expect it will not happen until the opening ceremony because until the event is really underway, it’s not “real”, it’s just a future event that could always be a disaster. At least that’s what the press tells us.

So I for one am not listening to a word about how the Brazilian psyche has been so disturbed by Germany’s goals in 2014 that it is now impossible for them to enjoy the Olympics. Or that any questions of economics will make people enjoy sport less.

The sports pages are full of so much garbage. The bottom line is that Brazilians are going to welcome the Olympics to Rio next year and I hope I’m there to enjoy it with them.
Mirante Dona Marta - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Running more = reading more

I’ve always liked running, but I’m prone to the same problem as everyone – I run out of time. If I don’t do it first thing in the morning then I feel too tired by the evening and it doesn’t happen. Then, once you are out of the habit it can feel really tough just to put on the trainers and do 5km.

But I’ve been making more of an effort to seriously get out and run most days. As you can see on my Nike+ app, I managed to run 153km in July – that’s getting close to four marathons in one month.


It’s great to be back out on the streets more regularly – I don’t go to a gym – but I’ve also found a spin-off benefit. I’m listening to loads of audio-books while I’m running and I usually then leave the book running while I go home and get ready to do something else.

I use the Audible app on my phone for audio-books – take a look at my monthly listening stats:


As you can see, I’m a regular listener anyway, but the push to run most days has boosted my book time. I totaled over 104 hours listening to books in July – mostly political biographies, but now I just started on Stephen King’s fictional story set around the JFK assassination 11/22/63.

It’s a great outcome that I’ve managed to get through so many books by using this time to listen to books rather than music. I know some people prefer music as it’s more motivational – Spotify can even play music where the beat reflects the speed you are running at – but I like to switch off and get into a book.

I’ll see how it goes in August, but I think I can probably beat these numbers because it’s a quiet month for my clients – USA and European clients are taking a lot of holidays right now.:-)

Help with my new MacBook

I got a new MacBook recently. One of the things I’ve always loved about Macs is how easy it has always been to migrate from an old one to a new one, but I’m having problems this time – I’d appreciate some ideas.

This is what I did when I got the new computer:

  1. I used Migration Assistant to migrate everything from my old Mac to new Mac using a wireless connection. It was all running fine, but was very very slow. It was going to take about 30 hours. I hoped the estimate was wrong and left it running all night, but the estimate was right. I quit the transfer about halfway through.
  2. I then tried making a complete Time Machine backup of my old Mac and restoring this to my new one. However, the Mac then refused to start up (endless Apple logo) because the two machines have different operating systems.
  3. I tried to use CMD+R while booting to reset the machine to factory settings, so I can start again and do the full migration no matter how long it takes. However, to do a complete reset requires that the Mac downloads the latest copy of the OS and reinstall it so that the Mac will be wiped clean with a new operating system. When I go to select the disk to install the new OS it says the disk is locked… I can’t go on.

So I’m a bit stuck. What I want is just the easiest way to completely reformat the Mac back to factory settings – and if I am already on the right track then how can I ensure the main disk is unlocked.

I haven’t done a thing with this computer yet, it’s just getting frustrating that this time it is taking ages to move on to the new device, yet it is usually so smooth with Apple. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

MacBook light shift