NASSCOM. My week in Mumbai…

I spent most of last week in Mumbai, India, at the NASSCOM annual conference. I was there as part of a Steria press trip that also included Mark Samuels from CIO Connect and Jo Best from Here is a list of some of the blogs I produced and interviews I recorded… ready for use in some future blog posts. I will have more NASSCOM material coming soon, once I catch up with everything I noted there in India… I’m also producing a white paper on the Indian tech industry with PA Consulting, so that should be available soon too…

Interviews (recorded and will soon be appearing on various blogs)
Francois Enaud, Steria
Mukesh Aghi, Steria
John Torrie, Steria
Gayathri Mohan, Steria
Isaac George, Steria
Manish Khandelwal, PA Consulting
Alex Blues, PA Consulting
Chocko Valliappa, Vee Technologies
KK Natarajan, Mindtree
Norman Pitman, CSC
Michael Bieler, CSC
Sachin Tikekar, KPIT Cummins
Suresh Sundaram, HCL
Santanu Nandi, FirstSource
Sanjeev Sinha, FirstSource
Sudip Banerjee, L&T Infotech
John Suffolk, UK government
Kishor Patil, KPIT Cummins
Ganesh Natarajan, Zensar
Arvind Thakur, NIIT Technologies
Baru Rao, Capgemini
Padmini Sharathkumar, Polaris
Arijit Sengupta, WNS
Deborah Kops, WNS
Suketu Patel, Infosys
Abhijit Mazumder, TCS
Avinash Sethi , Infobeans

Video produced during NASSCOM
Arriving at the HYATT hotel

Gayathri Mohan on CSR

Mark Samuels and Jo Best

Walking through the NASSCOM crowd

John Torrie


NASSCOM We Will Rock You dancing

Hyatt gardens

Alex Blues of PA Consulting

Mukesh Aghi

The company stands at NASSCOM

Francois Enaud

Audio Podcasts published during NASSCOM
Isaac George, Steria
Manish Khandelwal, PA Consulting
John Suffolk, UK Government CIO

Steria Exchange blog
Francois Enaud on sustainability

Summary of NASSCOM by Isaac George

Mukesh Aghi on new markets

Hilary on stage at the party

Sustainability research from K2

Optimism in India

Gayathri Mohan interview

Computing blog
Future of Customer Service

Optimism at NASSCOM


Time for NASSCOM

Welcome to the event

Who is your female tech heroine?

Steria CSR head on video

Back to the BRICs

Power to the bloggers

Should Shashi Tharoor use twitter?

Summary of the event

One response to “NASSCOM. My week in Mumbai…

  1. Great to meet you at NASSCOM!

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