Rolling Blackouts

The Go! Team is not that well known. They are an indie collective led by a single musical genius and based in Brighton. They don’t fill stadiums around the world, but perhaps they should. Their music is a mix of samples, double-dutch chants, hip hop, and seventies TV incidental themes.

It’s hard to describe their sound because Ian Parton collects ideas like a magpie – anything he likes goes into the sound. But most of all, their music makes listeners happy. It’s like the MP3 equivalent of Prozac. The chants, the loose drumming, and the upbeat melodies never fail to make me smile. They really deserve a wider audience than European indie fans alone.

Their third album – Rolling Blackouts – just came out a week ago and it continues where they left off… but importantly they have improved their sound. The vocals are more distinct now, whereas they were sometimes lost in the mix, considered to be just one instrument amongst many.

Listening to a track like ‘Ready to go steady’ it is hard to not imagine that Phil Spector produced the album – it’s a Brighton version of the wall of sound. And this feeling is repeated throughout the album – there are so many stand-out moments it’s one of those albums that just goes on repeat.

The traditional instrumental interludes are there too. Tracks like ‘Super Triangle’ even have their own videos up on YouTube now, even though with another band these short instrumental tracks might not be considered as important as the songs.

Go! get it.

Go! Team

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