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Ealing Tweetup featuring the Biblecode Sundays

Mark your diary. The next Ealing tweetup is on Feb 15th… If you live in or around west London and you have not been to an Ealing tweetup then you have certainly missed out. Just take a look at what blogger Neville Hobson said about the last one here.
Ealing Tweetup

The tweetups are parties for Twitter users and bloggers that I started off on a small scale in early 2009, but in 2010 they developed a new life once elements such as a free bar and live music got injected into the mix. So it’s a great way to meet neighbours and like-minded people involved in social media, but also with the added bonus of some great music and free beer!
Ealing Tweetup - July 8 2010

Unfortunately, I have now left Ealing and moved to São Paulo in Brazil so I won’t be carrying the torch of the tweetup for much longer. I am scheduling a final one (final for me at least) on February 15th though – and this will allow me to pass the baton to the other regulars who have been coming along to the events, so other Ealing locals can carry on the event into the future. I am already living in Brazil, but I will be on business in India during February allowing me to fly back to São Paulo via Heathrow… and a short Piccadilly line ride to South Ealing to visit the Rose and Crown once again…
Ronan Macmanus live in Ealing

The last tweetup featured London Irish musician Ronan MacManus playing a solo set (assisted on accordian by Andy Nolan). You can see some video from that set on Ronan’s YouTube channel here…

Ronan and Andy are returning to play at the next tweetup, but this time it’s their full band, the Biblecode Sundays, that are going to storm the event. The Biblecodes are one of the best Celtic rock bands around today – they played St Patrick’s night at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire last year… for an idea of their sound and to see people having a great time at one of their shows, take a look at this video of my birthday party, where they performed in Ealing… I’m expecting a repeat of this crazy night for the tweetup!

I’m now a resident of Brazil so I hope that many of my London friends and neighbours can make it to this night so I can say hello and goodbye – I expect to be back on a BA flight to Brazil the day after the tweetup…


Tuesday February 15th, 2011

Rose & Crown, Church Place, St Mary’s Road, Ealing, London, W5 4HN

18:00 to whenever the bar closes… initially networking, drinks, and chat, then live music with the Biblecode Sundays from 8.30pm…

Free to attend, but please register yourself using this link here…

Bem vindo a brasil

I’ve just moved to São Paulo in Brazil.

December 2010 was quite an amazing month for me. I got married on the 3rd to Angelica, and she had just launched her new book on the 1st and 2nd with two big parties, immediately followed by our wedding. I sold my house in Muswell Hill. I moved out of my rented place in Ealing and lived for a while in the Kings Arms pub near Ealing Broadway. I arranged to ship all my belongings over to Brazil. I closed down several of my work contracts, just keeping those that are quite easy to work on remotely. And after enjoying Christmas with my family, I moved to Brazil to be with Angelica, who had gone ahead of me to find a house.

Now I have a house in the Sumaré district of town – a nice area featuring plenty of cafes and bars near to where I live, as well as having Italian, Chinese, Brazilian, and Mexican food all available within a minute of walking out of the front door.

The house is quite large for just the two of us, but we are both writing and so we are using what would usually be two bedrooms as two offices. I have the entire basement of the house as my office and once my drum kit arrives at the end of this month I should have my workspace here with a couch, drums, books, stereo, as well as a desk to work on.

Since I arrived on the 29th, I have spent a bit of time exploring the beaches of São Paulo, madly rushed around shops getting furniture for an empty house, and chased around town to get all the papers I required for my visa application. The police checked my permanent residency application today and it all looks OK – so in a couple of weeks I should have my ID card and be a resident of Brazil.

And so here starts a new adventure for 2011…