Daily Archives: January 11, 2011

Leave to remain…

After days of chasing paperwork and getting signatures from everyone who knows me in Brazil, I’ve finally got it. The stamp in my passport that says I am allowed to stay here in São Paulo indefinitely.

I still don’t have my ID card – it could take months for that to arrive – but the confirmation that I have the right to remain is great news. It means I can get my CPF now, which I applied for this morning (it’s a bit like a National Insurance number), and once that arrives I can do pretty much anything a regular citizen here can do.

That’s important, because at the moment I don’t have a local bank account, health insurance, credit card, and I have not yet formally started my new company here. All these things required me to be able to prove that I am now resident in Brazil. So after spending ages chasing one set of paperwork, I’m about to start filling in a lot more… only this time the pressure is off.