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Flickr is ten today!

Photo sharing service Flickr turns ten today. This news has been a little overshadowed by the news that Facebook was ten last week, but I still love Flickr, even though it is now part of the Yahoo! empire.

This is the most popular photo I have ever uploaded to Flickr. It’s my Staffordshire Bull Terrier Matilda wearing a pair of boxing gloves in London. As I write this blog today, this photo has been viewed 12,980 times.

Staffie with boxing gloves

This photo of Matilda on the beach at Woolacombe in Devon is considered by Flickr to be the most interesting photo I have ever uploaded – with interestingness being different to just views because it includes a measure of how many people commented on the photo or made it a favourite photo of theirs.
Matilda on Woolacombe beach

However, this Rothko image from the Tate Modern art gallery in London comes in a close second…

Rothko - Black on Maroon

My photos on Flickr do still get quite a few views. Today they have been viewed 10,693 times and in total my collection of 30,008 photos has been viewed 4,130,107 times. Yes, that’s over 4 million views on my photographs on Flickr!

So happy birthday Flickr and here’s to the next decade 🙂

Geocities, RIP

So, GeoCities is about to be killed off.

This was one of the earliest places on the Internet that really encouraged users to create their own webpages and to contribute to the Internet. If you recall, back in the early days of the Internet and web, it was all pull. You read pages that were already online. It was like an online Argos catalogue, and yet think about your current interaction with the web – it’s all about contribution.

When GeoCities came along, it was suddenly possible to create personal homepages without too much technical expertise. It changed everything, and millions participated.

But, like many other sites, it was surpassed and now the social networks are themselves offering what Geocities used to in a simple way.

I hope the Internet Archive Foundation is storing enough of these sites and pages for the researchers of the future…