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Bushtucker trial for the insects

I’m a vegetarian, and I have been for a couple of decades now, but I accept that most people around me eat meat and fish. I don’t have a problem with that, but is there any philosophical reason why it is different to raise and kill an animal for food, rather than just for entertainment?

Most British people opposed fox-hunting for this reason. There was a large number of vocal people who campaigned to save the tradition of hunting foxes, but most people felt that charging around the countryside and killing an animal for no reason other than a good day out was in poor taste.

So, I’m always intrigued how the ‘bushtucker trials’ on the ITV show ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’ can involve plenty of killing and eating of live animals, yet it’s all supposed to be good fun…

If it is OK to munch away on live animals on a TV show because they are ‘just’ insects then why wouldn’t it be acceptable to have some live cat or dog eating on the same show?

Ladybird on ATM

It ain’t easy being veggie on Mexicana

Why do airlines find it so difficult to get special meals right? I’ve flown 4 times with Mexicana in the past month and on just one of the four flights did I get the vegetarian food I had ordered.

It’s a real problem for me because the 12-hours between London and Mexico City is no fun without some food along the way and airlines now don’t really carry spare food – they have exactly the right number of trays for the number of passengers on board. Or at least, they don’t carry any spare special meals beyond the ones ordered.

On one recent Mexicana flight, I was told there was no vegetarian food for me – even though it had been ordered, and the check-in staff confirmed it was on board – and so the cabin crew gave me a salad instead. The salad contained chunks of ham. Nice try? I must ask for more vegetarian pig in future. I wonder if they serve that up to their Jewish customers?

Each time I complained, the cabin crew told me they could do nothing. It’s true. Once you are cruising above the ocean at 11,000m above sea-level, it’s hard to get some more supplies, but why do I need to keep on complaining? The option was booked when the flights were booked, yet the cabin crew even told me that the ground staff just “don’t really know what’s going on…” I hope their safety engineers know what is going on.

The wasn’t my only gripe about Mexicana. The online checkin doesn’t work… apparently it only works for domestic flights so international passengers have to go through the old long snaking check-in line some of us remember from years ago.

And, on flights of around 11 or 12 hours, perhaps some entertainment might be nice? Don’t expect an entertainment system on Mexicana – even in business class. You had better bring a good book as there is nothing, other than ye olde projector screen showing old episodes of ‘House’. Any book would be better than that.

Mexicana is cheap, but far from cheerful.