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I’m an official London 2012 blogger!

A few months ago, I entered my details into the BT search for storytellers who could write, film, and blog the London 2012 Olympic games. About a month back I heard that I was on the shortlist and I needed to write more information about why I should be chosen.

A couple of days ago, I was told that I have the job. I will be blogging and tweeting live from the Olympics.

The preferred sports I asked to be closest too are cycling, boxing, and diving, but I have not had a full briefing yet so I don’t know exactly when I should get started and what my boundaries are.

What I do know is that this should be a great opportunity to see the Olympic games from the inside, as someone who is a part of the machine telling the world about what happens in London in 2012.

I’m really looking forward to being an Olympic writer and I already have a lot of ideas about how to start blending London 2012 with Rio 2016…

London Olympic Torch Relay Finale

How is the music industry changing?

Ronan Macmanus is playing at the Ealing Tweetup on Oct 26th. It’s going to be a gig in a pub jam-packed with bloggers and tweeters.

So, I thought I would try grasping at the collective intelligence of all those bloggers on that evening. I’ve printed these cards that I will cascade all over the pub that evening… aimed at getting the bloggers to think about how they can help an artist like Ronan – and maybe to do some immediate blogging and tweeting while they can see him performing!

If you are a music blogger then you are very welcome to join the tweetup. The nice people at Xerox are making sure that the bloggers have drinks to help lubricate the writing process. I’m very interested in how social media is changing the music industry and I’m planning to write some more about this next week and will be at the Music 4.5 conference soon – let me know if you plan to be there…

Ronan MacManus Tweetup

Elvis Costello is now on Twitter!

Forget about executives and celebs on Twitter. Now you can follow Elvis Costello!

He is regularly tweeting lyrics from his new ‘National Ransom’ album, which is released in a couple of weeks…

Elvis Costello 'Meltdown' with Richard Thompson

Third Ealing Tweetup

We had the third Ealing tweetup, in the Rose & Crown pub, on Sunday. Thanks very much to those who attended, including @clicooke, @haydens30, @angelicamari, @ruskin147, @franprotti, @rodsloane, @qhphotography, and @benpopps – plus various friends and family who might not even be on Twitter!

It was enjoyable once it got going and the chat started, however it was a lot smaller than I had expected. Over 20 people had confirmed that they wanted to come along so I ensured that a section of the pub was reserved for us. That was 5 tables all blocked together and on a busy Sunday lunchtime it was good of them to reserve the places for us.

All three of the major political parties had emailed me about coming along, and not a single politician showed up. I can only presume that as the election campaign is a moment away, they were up to something else on Sunday. I know it was the campaign launch for the Labour party on Sunday, but you might assume that they would in fact want to be talking to local people who are broadcasting opinions online everyday?

Anyway, I sat there all alone for the first half an hour, feeling a lot of pressure at holding all the seats to myself, as people were clearly looking for places to eat lunch and all our section was marked as reserved. I eventually started giving up tables, and people started arriving for the Tweetup, so we managed to find a nice medium where some tables were returned, but we blocked out a smaller section and chatted there.

@ruskin147 even managed to broadcast a live video from the pub while we were talking. Next time, I might bring a couple of laptops so we can stream video and tweet from the table.

I think that trying it on a Sunday was clearly a mistake as most people seem to associate something like a Tweetup as work and networking, and so it doesn’t fit into Sunday. Second, if we plan another event like this on a weekday evening and you say that you are coming, then please do turn up, or send a note in advance… it would really help with the planning for how many places to reserve.

And I really don’t need the stress of being an event organiser – this is supposed to be about getting together local bloggers and Twitter users in an informal environment, not me trying to get experience hosting events and rushing around explaining to venues why the numbers are different!

See you next time for the fourth Tweetup, hopefully in May, and this time with some corporate backing to help the drinks flow… more to be revealed soon!

Ealing Tweetup is today!

Today is the third Ealing Tweetup – a fairly random gathering of Twitter users from Ealing and west London. Last year I thought I would just try asking some locals out for a pint on Twitter, to see what happened. We filled a big long table with people from all walks of life and it was a great evening.

I did it again, on another Friday night, and it was a bit smaller because we could no longer sit outside enjoying the evening sun on the second one, but even so there was still an entire section of the pub that was just for Twitter users all meeting in person, rather than online.

All three of the events have so far been at the Rose and Crown pub in Ealing… it’s a nice pub with a great garden and we might even be able to enjoy it today as the weather is looking good.

So, I’ve scheduled the third one on a Sunday afternoon instead – just to see if it’s easier than a weekday evening for some people. It’s interesting that there has been a lot of interest from local politicians, councillors and even parliamentary candidates. They know that local bloggers can get their message out more efficiently than just pounding the streets with leaflets.

I’m looking forward to seeing some old mates from the past couple of tweetups, and online chat, as well as some new faces.

The fourth Tweetup is probably going to be in May, and this time it looks like we have a corporate sponsor for the drinks… I’m also arranging to host another at the Brentford Festival on September 5th so if anyone is interested in sponsoring a blogger meeting that day then get in touch with me.

@BTCare – yes, BT really cares!

In some of my corporate or academic lectures I have mentioned @btcare in the past. It’s often been controversial, like the time I was speaking at LSBU and I recounted the time that BT had helped me out with a dodgy broadband connection – all via Twitter. One academic took exception to this because he had faced a similar problem that took him hours to resolve, after several phone calls.

So, when I had another issue with BT, the first place I turned was BTcare on Twitter.

In short, I keep getting a lot of phantom phone calls at home. The phone rings and when I answer there is nobody there. Usually there is some bleeping, like a fax machine trying to connect. It’s impossible to find which company is doing this because they block the CLI, so it’s always a private number.

So, I asked BT on Twitter what I could about this – after 3 or 4 calls today drove me to do something about it.

I had low expectations, but the BT Twitter team came back to me in about half an hour asking for my phone number, which I sent on to them. They came back even more quickly with some ideas about what I could do to immediately resolve the issue. I never even knew I could get my BT phone to just reject (and therefore not ring) if a caller has withheld their number. I had a problem setting this up on my line, but the BT Twitter team took over and said they would sort it all out for me remotely.

I don’t know how BT is going to scale this up once more and more users start using social media for support, but the way @BTcare works at present is a case study in how a large telco can use Twitter and make it really work. The agents who answer the Twitter messages just feel so much more empowered to help than the regular contact centre agent. Perhaps that is just my perception, but in using the Twitter help service twice I’ve been impressed on both occasions, and I can’t recall that kind of service from any major firm – let alone a telco.

Nice job BT, keep it up!