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Google Translate and The Beatles

When The Beatles changed their name from The Quarrymen, it was an amusing play on the words beetle… something dark scurrying around late at night, and beat.

Beatle was never a word in the English language until coined by Lennon and McCartney, so I’m a bit confused by something I noticed on Google Translate.

I went to see the Brazilian rock band Os Paralamas do Sucesso at the weekend. Their name is also something that the band members created just as a laugh – ‘the mudguards of success’.

But try putting that band into Google Translate – if you translate it from Portuguese to English, the band name is translated into The Beatles. Try it – you might need to shorten it to ‘Os Paralamas’ for it to work, but that should still read as the mudguards.

So, were the Beatles known in Portuguese as Os Paralamas or is there an Easter egg within the Google Translate system because someone is a Beatles or Paralamas fan?
Paul McCartney at Hard Rock Calling in London