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How is the music industry changing?

Ronan Macmanus is playing at the Ealing Tweetup on Oct 26th. It’s going to be a gig in a pub jam-packed with bloggers and tweeters.

So, I thought I would try grasping at the collective intelligence of all those bloggers on that evening. I’ve printed these cards that I will cascade all over the pub that evening… aimed at getting the bloggers to think about how they can help an artist like Ronan – and maybe to do some immediate blogging and tweeting while they can see him performing!

If you are a music blogger then you are very welcome to join the tweetup. The nice people at Xerox are making sure that the bloggers have drinks to help lubricate the writing process. I’m very interested in how social media is changing the music industry and I’m planning to write some more about this next week and will be at the Music 4.5 conference soon – let me know if you plan to be there…

Ronan MacManus Tweetup

James Bond night in Ealing

My local pub, and somewhere you might find me now and again in the evening, is the Rose & Crown in Ealing.

Last week, I organised a Tweetup in the pub. For the uninitiated, that’s a meeting for the local Ealing users of Twitter. I think we had about 15 people turn up. nobody had ever met before, we just all interacted as Twitter users with the single connection being that we all live in or around Ealing.

Today, one of the staff at the pub sent me an email telling me about their James Bond night on Saturday this week:

James bond casino royale night this sat. 007 James Bond Casino Royale Night All in aid of the “Ealing Eagles” Paris – London Ride for Action Medical Research 8.30pm – Midnight This Saturday 6th June Charity Casino includes Blackjack, Roulette & Texas holdem poker Prizes for the best dressed bonds, baddies & bond girls Come on down and join in the fun.

Unfortunately I can’t make it as I’m going to be in Berlin this weekend, but it sounds fun. The staff in the Rose & Crown are are all really nice, and the pub has a food atmosphere. I recommend that if you are around Ealing this weekend then you should try it out… shaken not stirred, of course…