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Airport lounge design #101

If you get access to an airline lounge it’s because you are flying first class, business class, or you have a lot of points on your frequent flyer card so they give you access to the lounge – even if you are in economy.

In general though, most people flying business class are in that class because they are on business – time is important and having a place to work is important, so take a look at the lounge in São Paulo’s international airport.

Lots of soft chairs, free food, free drinks, and free Internet too. That’s all nice, but there are no power supplies anywhere!

Almost everyone in here is trying to recharge their phone or laptop, and get some work done. There is a steady stream of people circling the room looking for some power, somewhere, anywhere.

The only power is at a workbench, specifically placed there for laptop users and with about 8 places in total… EVERYONE IS USING A LAPTOP IN HERE GUYS!

I guess I won’t have any power left on the plane now, so at least I can enjoy the movies instead of working on board my flight.

VIP Lounge

Stop press: Seetickets website can’t cope with Glasto traffic

I – like millions of others – tried to get Glastonbury 2011 tickets yesterday.

I was there online in the morning waiting feverishly. I had registered ages ago, so I had all my details ready. I tried the website – crashed. I tried the booking phone number – no answer.

I repeated the above. I gave up. I tried again later, constantly hitting refresh on my browser and redial on my phone. But nothing worked.

Then, later in the day, I saw that all the tickets had sold out in a few hours – as expected.

What annoys me is that Seetickets, the agency that sells the tickets on behalf of the Glastonbury festival organisers, don’t make any provision for their phone lines or website to actually work on the day when the tickets are released… why don’t they strike a deal with a major IT supplier like IBM for example and ask them to make sure the website can take millions of hits per hour?

At least if the website worked then all of us who were sitting there and waiting to login could actually do so. It’s not hard to buy a bit of extra computing power when it is needed for just one day of the year – it’s called utility computing, or even the cloud if you prefer that term…

So now, I’m waiting for returns. Though I know the website will collapse again when the returns are announced. It’s worth a try, Maybe next time I might get lucky and find a connection…

CSS at the Shepherd's Bush Empire