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Andy Coulson quits – at last…

Coulson always had to go. You can’t run communications for the Prime Minister when most of the papers are interested in what you did in your former job. Coulson should have left long ago – for months *he* has been the story.

The News of the World phone-tapping scandal just gets bigger and bigger and now with News Editors being confirmed as aware of the hacking of celebrity voicemails, it’s unthinkable that Coulson did not know what was going on.

And if he was really unaware of what his team was doing to get stories then what kind of editor was he anyway?
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Down at Downing St

I went to number ten Downing St on Wednesday to attend a meeting with the No 10 communications team. It was my first time visiting Number 10, so I had to get the obligatory photo of me at the door…
Mark at Number 10

One of the things I noticed as I walked up the staircase to the meeting room was that there were pictures on the wall outlining the alphabet. A is for Apple. B is for Brown… etc… and V was for Villain. I wonder if anyone thought about the appropriateness of that for the Prime Minister’s home?