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The new poor

I’m going to write a longer piece for silicon.com next week analysing this New York Times story on the new poor.

But, in brief. This ‘creative destruction’ is one of the major reasons for pain and unemployment today. Often critics will cry out about the jobs being sent offshore to cheap countries, or the immigrants coming in and stealing jobs. These cries catch the attention of the media and make for easy headlines.

A profession becoming obsolete because of technological change is not as sexy and doesn’t get people on the streets waving placards. But look at some of the numbers in the US. 40% of all travel agents fired. 50% of print operators fired. Half of all US workers made redundant during the recent recession are still out of work.

If there was ever a single newspaper story that made the case for lifelong learning then this is it.

News: A (Digital) Decade of Destruction?

A public discussion organised by the Commonwealth Journalists Association (UK branch)
Nick Higham, BBC Correspondent, News
Charlie Beckett, Director of Polis, Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics
Dominic Young, Director of Strategy and Product Development, News International
Stephen Pritchard, President, Organisation of News Ombudsmen
John Fisher Burns, London Bureau Chief, New York Times
Mark Kobayashi-Hillary, writer/commentator on technology, outsourcing, globalisation and corporate change
  • Date: Wednesday 27 January 2010
  • Venue: Committee Room 12, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA
  • Time: 6.30 – 8 p.m.
With special thanks to Mohammed Sarwar MP and Third World Solidarity Movement for venue arrangements.
You are advised to arrive early to allow time to pass through security.
RSVP: Rita Payne, tel: 07834-845240, email: ritapayne@hotmail.com