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Billy Bragg in Brighton

Brighton gig 17 June 2009

I went to Brighton on Wednesday evening to see Billy Bragg – again. Here is some video from the end of the show where he was closing with New England… I only took one photo of him during the gig… The venue was very restrictive in terms of allowing video and photography – like most theatre venues – so it was hard to shoot anything this time.

It was an unusual gig in a number of ways. The emphasis of the songs changed with a swing back to some of the William Bloke material, and the use of some of his older political stuff in the context of the expenses scandal. I know Billy has not been a Labour party member for a long time, but I’ve never heard him talking in such an anti-Labour way as when he was talking about Hazel Blears…

I think this should be the complete setlist, but I am only looking back at my twitter feed to see what I wrote at the time…

To have and to have not
From red to blue
I ain’t got no home in this world anymore
Warmest room
All you fascists
Sin city (with Otis Gibbs)
O Freedom
King James Version
Greetings to the new brunette
St Swithin’s day
New song about Consitutional reform – Constitution Hill (?)
World turned upside down
Levi Stubb’s tears
I keep faith
Power in a union
Great leap forward
Between the wars
New England