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Jobs: desperate times?

I’ve been hiring recently. Not for my company, but for a client of mine based in the USA – so it’s a US company asking my company in Brazil to help them find someone in Colombia or Mexico. The world of work has come a long way from the old paper ad in a newsagents window.

What has really interested me about this – more than any other hiring process I have been involved in – is how I have been deluged with emails and messages from people who have no experience or qualifications for the job on offer.

I have had several emails that could be described as begging letters, pleading with me to give the person a chance even though they are from an entirely different field and some of them don’t even speak Spanish – a prerequisite to work in Mexico.

It just made me think. There are an enormous number of opportunities for jobs in the fast growing Latin markets – such as Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, but people really want more autonomy. They want to be able to balance their work and life more effectively.

I know people in São Paulo who take a couple of hours to get to work. The same again to get home. Add in 9 or 10 hours at the office and then there is no time left for anything other than sleep.

The job I am offering pays pretty well, allows for regular travel to the USA, and allows the employee to work from home, or a cafe, or wherever they choose – it’s very flexible and this seems to be something that people here are desperate to find.

Is this the same back in the UK? I’m not sure. Maybe things have changed recently? Maybe people are becoming more demanding, or maybe people just don’t waste so much of their life commuting in the UK?

Epidemia de Pánico / Panic Epidemy

Sunday Telegraph Outsourcing Feature

I’m working on an article this week for publication in the Sunday Telegraph feature on outsourcing to be published on Feb 12, 2012.

The focus is on new global hotspots for outsourcing. How expertise in different regions is growing and changing. Are contracts moving back onshore or to different locations and in particular how the BRICs and CEE are looking?

I’m interested in comment on any new services or recent deals and really only interested in end user comment – not suppliers – though I’m happy for suppliers to introduce me to their clients or give approved comment from their client, and obviously if a supplier is involved in the relationship then they will be mentioned.

I need to get comment this week as I will complete the write-up this coming weekend. Please get in touch with your comments or connections…

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News: A (Digital) Decade of Destruction?

A public discussion organised by the Commonwealth Journalists Association (UK branch)
Nick Higham, BBC Correspondent, News
Charlie Beckett, Director of Polis, Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics
Dominic Young, Director of Strategy and Product Development, News International
Stephen Pritchard, President, Organisation of News Ombudsmen
John Fisher Burns, London Bureau Chief, New York Times
Mark Kobayashi-Hillary, writer/commentator on technology, outsourcing, globalisation and corporate change
  • Date: Wednesday 27 January 2010
  • Venue: Committee Room 12, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA
  • Time: 6.30 – 8 p.m.
With special thanks to Mohammed Sarwar MP and Third World Solidarity Movement for venue arrangements.
You are advised to arrive early to allow time to pass through security.
RSVP: Rita Payne, tel: 07834-845240, email: ritapayne@hotmail.com