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Buying insurance should be easy right?

I really dislike insurance companies. They are taking money because of something that *may* happen and every time I have tried claiming insurance in the past the company has always found a get-out clause. Why bother?

Clearly it is important in a catastrophic situation – like crashing the car so badly it’s wrecked – but when the situation is less urgent, the insurance I have bought in the past has never paid.

I even bought an expensive property insurance policy once because I was upset that my previous policy did not let me claim for a stolen laptop computer. I upgraded it, threw in all the added extras and when my bicycle was stolen I felt sure that they would pay – only to find a clause stating that bicycles are not covered when away from the house.

I should have just lied, but then that would be fraud and I have never lied to an insurer to try getting a payout. They don’t pay me even when I try making a genuine claim.

But when I do want to buy a policy I don’t expect to have to go to a broker – not in 2014. I already have a car insurance policy here in Brazil with Porto Seguro. My wife just bought a car so ideally I would assume they could just modify our existing policy to lump the two cars and two drivers all together as one.

No. They can’t do it. I need to just buy a completely new policy and they can’t help me on the telephone – the instruction was to just go to a broker. The broker took the existing Porto Seguro policy so he had all our details from the existing policy – something the insurance company should have done anyway…

It’s not a very good way to treat an existing customer – surely the model any successful company should be following is how to make it easy for customers spend more money?

Porto Seguro and No Parking

Car insurance in Brazil

I just bought a new car, though It’s not exactly a “new” car. It’s a 1961 VW Beetle, or Fusca as they are called in Brazil.

Now, I’m trying to insure myself and it seems that most insurance companies won’t insure a car that is older than 20 years, so I’d appreciate some advice from my Brazilian friends.

How can I get third-party insurance, so if I crash into another car, or a person, then my insurance company will pay them for their damage or injuries?

This is different to comprehensive insurance, where my car is covered for theft or damage – in addition to injury to others. And surely, for a third-party policy it does not matter how old the car is?

My understanding is that I don’t need any insurance at all to drive in Brazil, which is very different to London where you must be insured by law. However, even if I don’t need to insure my car, how can I still get a policy that pays if I cause injury or damage with my car? At least I know that if I cause an accident, the other people will get their damages paid.

I’m a bit confused at the moment, so if someone can help explain, I’d appreciate it.

1961 VW Beetle for sale