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A simple idea to prevent card fraud

I read about the German fraudster jailed in the UK recently. The BBC claimed his technology could remotely read card details allowing him to potentially earn up to £150m a year.

It makes me wonder why the UK, and other countries, do not adopt the very simple innovation most banks in Brazil use – though I believe it was initially pioneered by HSBC.

You put your card in the ATM and enter your PIN as usual, but then a new set of options, looking at bit like this is presented:

WXY              GHI

STU               JKL

ANC               MBO

DZF               PQR

The letters are in fact all randomised and different every time. Every customer not only has a four digit numeric PIN, but a three character password too. But you never type your actual password… in the collection of randomised characters you press the button closet to the character you want to type.

So, if your code is XYZ, even if someone watches or films you punching in the code, they cannot tell if you entered XYZ, YXF, XWD, WYF… simple, but very effective.
Ladybird on ATM

Cadastro de pessoa física

The cadastro de pessoa física (CPF) is a bit like a National Insurance number in the UK, or a social security number. It’s your ticket to being a regular citizen with access to a bank account, a job, hospital treatment, and pretty much anything that a citizen – rather than just a visitor – would need.

I got mine this morning and it was a remarkably quick process. I had to get my passport translated into Portuguese, but armed with my passport and the translation – and the stamp in my passport showing that I am now resident in Brazil – I went to the government office. I waited for about ten minutes after handing over the documents, and then they gave me my number.

After masses of form-filling and bureaucracy to get my permanent visa I had expected the worst, but this was smooth and easy. I hope my next interaction with the government is as easy as that!

Next stop, off to HSBC to get myself a local bank account…
Ladybird on ATM