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Reality check for the UK

It’s the Comprehensive Spending Review today and people are endlessly talking of cuts. The military is upset that their budget is being slashed and the media have said that if we cut the military budget any further those pesky Argies will take over the Falklands all over again.

Maybe it’s time for a reality check. It’s no good to continually talk about the UK ‘punching above it’s weight’ forevermore just because of the lingering effect of a nineteenth century empire.

China: GDP $8.748 trillion, GDP Growth 9.1%, Population 1,338,612,968

India: GDP $3.57 trillion, GDP Growth 7.4%, Population 1,156,897,766

UK: GDP $2.128 trillion, GDP Growth -4.9%, Population 61,113,205

For such a small nation, the UK does have a large economy, one of the largest in the world. But the decimation of financial services will surely cause that dominance to collapse. And look at the population sizes and growth rates in India, China, and add Brazil too…

How long are we going to keep punching above our weight?

Surrey v Glamorgan, Oval 4th July 2010

Ghana goes all the way against the USA!

Ghana has a population of 24m. The USA has 310m.

Life expectancy in Ghana is 60 years. In the USA it is 78 years.

Literacy in Ghana is around 57%. In the USA it is 99%.

The entire GDP of Ghana is estimated at around $36 billion. The USA GDP is estimated at $14.2 trillion.

But Ghana can still beat the USA 2-1 in a world cup football match!!

Are we going to see an African team going all the way?
Boot on the other foot