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OFAH fans – please help me with cockney bingo!

Only Fools and Horses fans, I need your help!

I’m a member of the Serra Negra English club here in São Paulo, Brazil. It’s a group of people who meet every two weeks to practice their English and all the membership fees for the club go into helping local charities.

In two weeks I am hosting the club at my house. I wanted to try something linked to the use of some more unusual English words, but to make it fun. So I thought I would try a bingo game with Only Fools and Horses. I’d issue some bingo cards featuring Cockney slang words, we all watch an episode of OFAH and people check off the words as they hear them – hopefully with a winner found before the end of the show.

It will be entirely Brazilian people playing this game, trying to improve their English and learning about some of the unusual Cockney slang used by Del Boy and Rodders. Hopefully it works as a fun way to show them that not everyone speaks English like the Prince of Wales…

What I need from you is a pointer to a particular episode that might work for this game. I need the following:

  • It must be one of the early half-hour shows so the game is not too long, so I expect it will feature Grandad.
  • It must be a fairly simple story setup – I need to brief everyone on what OFAH is all about as they will have never seen the show, so a more complex relationship-based story is probably out (though most of that came later in the show anyway).
  • It must feature a lot of slang I can use for the game.

So, OFAH fans, can you help me to set this up and help a whole group of people in Brazil better understand how to speak if they are ever in Peckham? Leave a comment here on the blog or tweet me on @markhillary – thanks!

The Reliant Regal Supervan used by Delboy and Rodney Trotter

Photo by David licensed under Creative Commons

The cheat in wolves clothing…

When I saw this photo of a wild wolf up close and captured with flash, I remember being stunned. It was such a gorgeous photo, and so impossibly framed. The photographer had apparently set up a flash system and camera that would be triggered by any animal jumping the gate – and he knew it was on a route often used by wild wolves. It was said that he had planned this single photograph for many years.

So, imagine my disappointment reading today that the entire photo was staged. It doesn’t detract from the beauty of the photo, but it does mean that the photo was really as easy to take as getting my pet dog to leap over a gate in the darkness while I take a snap.

This photo won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award and Jose Luis Rodriguez was much feted as a patient master. Now it appears he was little more than a dog trainer operating at night.

The photo has not changed, but our impression of how it was created has. So are these prizes awarding the aesthetic quality of the photography, or the difficulty involved in getting a picture. It would seem far more of the latter.