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Cancer all-clear

My mother-in-law just got the all-clear yesterday. It’s incredible news.

She was in hospital having a malignant tumour removed and the short story is that it has not spread and she is now OK – she does not even require chemotherapy as the operation removed all the cancerous cells.

Other than not getting cancer at all, it’s the best possible outcome.

I’m writing a blog post really just to thank all my friends all over the world who sent her a get well card. When I suggested to a few friends on Facebook that it might cheer her up to see some foreign mail arriving at her home when she got out of hospital I never imagined that cards would start arriving from all over the place… she was really touched by it and I’m grateful to everyone who responded to my message by sending a card.

Even if you don’t know Angie’s mother, you can feel good about how much it helped her on the road to recovery again.


And it was particularly nice to get a card from the entire Biblecode Sundays, arranged by fiddle player Paddy Franklin. Thanks guys, that went down really well and I’m sure we are going to see you playing out in Brazil sometime! You had better start researching hangover cures for caipirinha
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