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Be Seven, the hidden gem of Sumaré

For weeks, if not months, me and my wife have contemplated visiting a really low-key looking bar in Sumaré. It’s somewhere we often see from the bus – as we live locally.

Last night, we were heading home and decided to stop by just to see what it’s like and we got a huge surprise.

As you can see, the exterior is very understated. No neon. No big signs. Not even the name of the bar anywhere. I only realised there was a bar because I could see people drinking beer as I passed by on the bus.

But, go inside and it’s a really nice place with photos of musicians all over the walls, a pool table, and an amazing view from the back of the bar over the whole of São Paulo – even the lamp shades were made from empty bottles of Jack Daniels and a chess board was already laid with chess pieces made of shot glasses filled with Tequila. And it’s not just that it looks nice, the background music veered from Morrissey to The Cure to The Rolling Stones. It’s hard not to enjoy that kind of background muzak.

The cocktails are super tasty and the range is drinks is incredible. We spoke to the owner of the bar and asked her why there is no sign or anything to attract attention to the place and she just said that the people who go there all like it and tell their friends – she has no need to sell it more.

I’ll be back.
Sumaré, São Paulo, at dawn