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भारत में आपका स्वागत है

I finally arrived in India. It feels comfortable and familiar each time I arrive here. I have now been here so often that the routine at the airport and on arrival at the hotel all feel quite welcoming.

I was interested to see that the road immediately outside the international airport here is getting an upper level – there is a huge flyover being constructed that will presumably create a bypass for those cars just going past the airport. There is a very nice Hyatt hotel just outside the international airport and now this flyover is being constructed right in front of their windows – a shame for the guests there as someone up on the sixth floor will just have a view of cars now.

I’m staying in Bandra this time and there is a lot of new construction going on here too – more than I have seen in this part of Mumbai for a couple of years.

I’m surprised really that I feel quite OK today. It’s now Monday and I left São Paulo on Saturday afternoon, so my journey was around 30 hours long. I had a lot of trouble initially because BA was delayed. I was supposed to connect in London and they told me I could not make the connection to India, so they eventually rebooked me onto a Lufthansa flight.

Incredibly Lufthansa managed to find me some good seats (I always try reserving emergency exits or at least an aisle seat when on economy seats – this trip doesn’t have the budget available for business class) and vegetarian food. The crew at the airport and on the plane were really helpful – with one of the cabin crew really taking some time on board to talk about India with me and help to confirm my onward connection at Munich.

Unfortunately a bottle of cachaça that I had stowed in my luggage got broken, so a lot of my clothes ended up smelling of distilled sugar cane. It’s a good thing that laundry doesn’t cost too much in India…
Dharavi slum in Mumbai, India

I’m at NASSCOM in Mumbai

I just arrived this morning in Mumbai, India. I’m staying at the Grand Hyatt hotel and attending the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum this week – the conference kicks off tomorrow morning. As I’ve walked around the hotel this morning, it’s clear that NASSCOM is everywhere and lots of people are getting the place ready for the conference.

Getting ready for NASSCOM 2010

I’m doing some preparation work today and trying to ensure I’m recovered from the journey and ready for the intense three days of interviews and lectures. First thing is to sign some of my own books so I am ready…!

Books I need to sign


I’m going to be in Mumbai all of next week. It’s the NASSCOM conference from Tuesday to Thursday, so I’ll be tied up there blogging non-stop.

I’m arriving very early on Monday morning though, so I will have pretty much the whole of Monday free. I’m been to Mumbai many times, but if you have any suggestion of something interesting to see during the day on Monday then please give me some suggestions!

I’m staying at the Grand Hyatt in Santa Cruz East, which is the location of the conference. It’s on the north side of town and Mumbai is pretty big, so if you can suggest something that’s not right on the other side of the city, it might also be good…!

Looking forward to hearing some ideas…