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Bushtucker trial for the insects

I’m a vegetarian, and I have been for a couple of decades now, but I accept that most people around me eat meat and fish. I don’t have a problem with that, but is there any philosophical reason why it is different to raise and kill an animal for food, rather than just for entertainment?

Most British people opposed fox-hunting for this reason. There was a large number of vocal people who campaigned to save the tradition of hunting foxes, but most people felt that charging around the countryside and killing an animal for no reason other than a good day out was in poor taste.

So, I’m always intrigued how the ‘bushtucker trials’ on the ITV show ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’ can involve plenty of killing and eating of live animals, yet it’s all supposed to be good fun…

If it is OK to munch away on live animals on a TV show because they are ‘just’ insects then why wouldn’t it be acceptable to have some live cat or dog eating on the same show?

Ladybird on ATM

Stop press. Latest news on reality TV…

And so, one of the lead stories on the BBC news website today is the fact that Katie Price has quit her place in the jungle on ITV show ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here…’

This is quite a change in BBC editorial policy don’t you think? Not only are the exploits of Katie Price, ANA Jordan, now headline news for the BBC rather than celebrity gossip magazines, but also the events taking place in a reality TV show on a rival channel are also considered newsworthy.

Katie Price is one of those celebrities people tend to love or hate, rather like Big Brother winner Jade Goody before her early death from cancer at 27. What Price actually does to attract all the attention and money she earns is hard to define, yet she does it extremely well. It’s too simplistic to dismiss her as a moron when she constantly features in page after page of newspaper and magazine copy detailing every step of her life. How many wannabe stars would love the attention Price gets? She has redefined the concept of post-millenial celebrity and shown how even a scrap of celebrity (glamour modelling on Page 3) can be transformed into a career and industry.

It’s no longer clear if she defines the way the media present her, or if the media itself defines how they see her. What’s clear is that she never needed to win this game show anyway. It’s just an advert for the latest ghosted book (30+ now), perfume, lifestyle TV show… The Jordan industry will rumble on until the public finally tires of her life, or their own fascination for vicarious glamour.