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BCS Emergency General Meeting

The BCS used to be a stuffy club full of academics and practitioners who endlessly harked back to the days when they would spend happy hours scanning punch-cards for bugs before compiling a bit of software, because it took all night to compile.

The industry has moved on. IT is now the common theme underpinning every single industry you can name. The tired argument that IT practitioners have to understand the business better to get on with their career is now so outdated… because almost every industry depends entirely on IT to function.

What is a bank these days? Just IT pushing money around the world. Education is moving online. Retail is moving online. Even mining, manufacturing, and construction rely on IT. The corner shop down the road uses IT to keep track of their inventory. There is almost no business today that can function without technology.

So how come a renegade group of BCS members are calling for the BCS to return to the past? The BCS transformation programme is designed to make the society more relevant for the 21st century technology industry – in particular the global nature of the industry.

The EGM call was a few months back, but there is now a vote taking place at present for members. If you are a BCS member, please don’t vote for a step back. If you do then I know I won’t bother renewing my membership.