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My book ‘Reality Check’ is at number one on Amazon!

When I got up this morning I had a quick look at Amazon to see how my Reality Check book is doing. It was only published a few weeks ago on September the 1st, but has been steadily getting more attention.

It has been in the Amazon top 20 books about Brazil since publication so I knew that people were noticing the book, but this is what I saw this morning…

Reality Check: Life in Brazil through the eyes of a foreigner [Kindle Edition]

It is now the number one book about Brazil and number two book about South America. That was a great start to this week 🙂 Excuse me while I enjoy some Champagne…!

And all of this for a book that has only been released on the Kindle. I’m planning to also release a paper version of the book, but it will not be until the second edition – planned to come out just before the World Cup football competition in June next year. For now it is electronic-only, but doing spectacularly well.

If you are interested in the book, or my next book project, or any of my old books, then please do come and join my Facebook here:


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Maybe it’s because I’m an Irish Londoner

The BibleCode Sundays are a west London band with Irish roots – half the band actually are Irish and the others are from Irish families living in London.

They are trying to get their song “Maybe it’s because I’m an Irish Londoner” to number one in the charts for St Patrick’s night – that’s March 17 to those of you who don’t have the date ingrained into your consciousness from years of Guinness abuse on that particular date.

It means you need to go and download the song from iTunes this week – from Monday the 8th – or you can also buy a copy by sending a text message from your phone. All the details on how to participate and get a copy of the song are here.