The best feedback

I travelled to Edinburgh castle last week to speak at an event hosted by Teleperformance. They put together a breakfast event at the castle featuring me, o2, and PA Consulting.

It went well and I enjoyed the session, but I thought I would blog here because some of the feedback has been superb. Just look at this…

  • Excellent – very thought provoking
  • Outstanding venue and great presentations – worth the trip!
  • Fantastic event – excellent organisation, venue and relevance of topic
  • Teleperformance UK came across as a very professional and united team – well done
  • A real inspiration and leadership in this area
  • Very much enjoyed the event, and much food for thought for brands and businesses to consider
  • I wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the seminar.  It was outstanding – speakers, content, discussion, venue – the best event I have been to in a long time!!!  Congratulations to your team – fantastic organisation

Most corporate events don’t get feedback like this. It is to the credit of the Teleperformance team that they hosted a superb morning at an amazing venue – I’m pleased that their guests really enjoyed the content too!
Edinburgh Castle
Image by Neil Roger licensed under Creative Commons

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