Daily Archives: June 26, 2011

Almost got the dog today…

We went to the adoption centre today expecting to pick up our new dog and to give him a nice long walk home from the city centre to where we are in Perdizes. Unfortunately, the day did not work out as planned.

First, we found that the dog we had chosen last week is not very used to walking on a lead. Sure, it won’t take long to get him up to speed on that, but it’s not ideal to walk a dog home from the adoption centre when he needs to get used to the new owners first.

So we had to change plan and go home, expecting to drive back to fetch him, but when I started the car I found that we had a flat tyre.

Usually that would not be such an issue – a quick wheel change and away – but I had only noticed this morning that the jack we received with the car is useless. I had made a mental note to get a new jack soon. I never realised that the very same day would be when I needed it!

So I just had to park up the car again and abandon the idea. I’ll have to buy a new jack in the morning, sort out the wheel, then get the car over to a garage to have the original tyre checked and maybe refitted.

In the meantime, the old pooch is going to have to wait for us… I’m sure we will see him in a few days. At least it gives us a bit more time to prepare… he still has only one bed so that should be sorted before he arrives!
Dog shelter, São Paulo

I’m now a company director in Brazil

I’ve been running IT Decisions with Angelica since I arrived in Brazil. We have been building a really good audience considering we started from scratch and we have spent nothing on marketing or advertising…

All we started doing was writing in English about what IT decision makers are doing here in Brazil. Not what the IT companies are doing or selling, but what the real company bosses with big budgets are up to.

A few months down the line, we are regularly seeing over 10,000 views a day on the site… over quarter of a million views a month on the stuff we are writing about Brazil in a foreign language. Just incredible – we are very pleased as you can imagine.

One of the attractions of the site is that we don’t carry advertising or vendor content. So it’s squarely focused on what buyers are up to and because there are no ads, we don’t have to keep any advertisers happy or skew the content in a particular direction.

That also means there is no income yet. That is about to change with the research network just launching. So we formed a limited company to handle the accounts of the research company. It’s a much more involved process than back in the UK, but despite the complexities of getting it all off the ground, I think that it will be easier to run the company on a day to day basis and I will be paying less corporation tax than I would be in the UK.

Many people complain about the bureacracy involved in starting companies in Brazil, but once over the initial hurdle of paperwork that all needs to be signed, the tax and accounting rules all seem much more straightforward to me. For instance, getting taxed on revenue (rather than profit) seems a negative step, but if the tax rate is reasonable and the process of accounting becomes much simpler then it seems like a good thing to me.

I’m now officially a director of a Brazilian company. Now I’m focused on creating the first million reais!
Angie signing company formation papers

I’m an official London 2012 blogger!

A few months ago, I entered my details into the BT search for storytellers who could write, film, and blog the London 2012 Olympic games. About a month back I heard that I was on the shortlist and I needed to write more information about why I should be chosen.

A couple of days ago, I was told that I have the job. I will be blogging and tweeting live from the Olympics.

The preferred sports I asked to be closest too are cycling, boxing, and diving, but I have not had a full briefing yet so I don’t know exactly when I should get started and what my boundaries are.

What I do know is that this should be a great opportunity to see the Olympic games from the inside, as someone who is a part of the machine telling the world about what happens in London in 2012.

I’m really looking forward to being an Olympic writer and I already have a lot of ideas about how to start blending London 2012 with Rio 2016…

London Olympic Torch Relay Finale