8 responses to “Loyalty cards

  1. This may work in principle, but how would you redeem the points? Would you have to go to your mobile company to get them? (bloody unlikely, given they are less trusted by most people than estate agents). How would you prove you owned the phoned concerned? etc.
    Would it not be better if they all got together and allowed you to use just one? They could call it something rich and enticing like Nectar or something… errr…

  2. Now you KNOW why they wouldn’t go for that, Mark. They want you to carry something that only works in THEIR store. That way, they believe, your “loyalty” will be enhanced. People can indeed only carry so many bits of plastic card around with them, so if they stick to their guns on this they assume people will visit a narrower range of shops where their few cards will be welcome.

    • Andrew, I know what you mean – that’s the point of a loyalty card. But who does it really work for? I don’t only shop at Waterstones for books because of the loyalty card. My choice of supermarket is generally whichever is closest, not who has the best loyalty card scheme.

  3. Hi Hayden, I don’t mean that the loyalty account has to be actually tied to your mobile phone. I just mean that everyone knows their phone number so if a firm like Waterstones asks ‘do you have a loyalty account’ and you say ‘yes, but I don’t have my card with me’, you can give your phone number instead and provided you gave them your phone number earlier, it will credit the loyalty account…

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  5. freakingfertile25

    Mark, I work for Waterstone’s and I think this is a really good idea. I shall suggest it.

  6. Game have a great idea – they just stick your points on your ‘card’ via your postcode/address if you forget it – there and then. I’m not sure how that works with “data protection” – but it sure helps collect those points when you have a teenage son.

    • I agree entirely – great idea. If they use your address or phone number or anything that will be unique and memorable, rather than relying on you to carry around a piece of plastic then it would be far better!

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