Customer service isn’t dead, or is it?

I walked into a florist shop today and ordered a whole load of flowers. They wanted over £700 for my order. I said, OK, I can pay that.

Then they said: “Oh, we need to add £10 for delivery…”

Delivery in this case was to a place that is a five-minute walk away from the florist. I asked if they were joking – in fact I said something like, how about a ‘buy more than £500 worth and get free delivery’ deal for me?

They thought I was joking. They had to call up the managing director of the store just to ask if the £10 could be waived.

Another example of great British customer service… I would have told them to stick the order, but I don’t really have any time available this week to go shopping around, so I just hope they do a good job… once I get the flowers I can decide whether to post the company name here…!

What’s a shame is that a mate of mine runs a florist business, but he is down in Aldershot, so it’s not really convenient when I really want to stop by in person to get some flowers and to get the majority of them delivered. I bet he could have done a better deal for me…

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4 responses to “Customer service isn’t dead, or is it?

  1. That is ridiculous! If people spend a lot of money with me, I usually throw in a free item as a thank you gesture. I would definitely have thrown in free delivery in your case because you might come back another time and spend another £700. You obviously won’t be now! In my book, good will equals good business!

  2. Mark… you are so much more composed than me. I would have totally lost the plot! This country is going to the Dogs!

  3. And in the country that’s known for it’s vox pops, at least for customer experiences, both bad and good (yes, the US), Chris from L.L.Bean, a retail businesses, wowed me with free Express Delivery for an order that was placed on the 25th November and should have moved out of their Maine facility (pun unintended) in the morning of the 26th and hadn’t done so on the evening of the same day.

    “I don’t know, it’s one of ’em system things but here’s what I will do for you. I’ll be GLAD to upgrade your shipping method to Express Delivery so you get your order in time for your trip back to India.”

    Maybe the florist can take a page from Chris’ book. Customer service lives!

  4. That is scandalous… just don’t do that!! They should be knocking money off for a good order, not adding to it. Really sorry we couldn’t do the flowers for you, would’ve loved to have helped….and you’re right about the deal – you definitley would’ve got mates rates! Hope you both had a great day anyway.

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