Daily Archives: November 29, 2010

Customer service isn’t dead, or is it?

I walked into a florist shop today and ordered a whole load of flowers. They wanted over £700 for my order. I said, OK, I can pay that.

Then they said: “Oh, we need to add £10 for delivery…”

Delivery in this case was to a place that is a five-minute walk away from the florist. I asked if they were joking – in fact I said something like, how about a ‘buy more than £500 worth and get free delivery’ deal for me?

They thought I was joking. They had to call up the managing director of the store just to ask if the £10 could be waived.

Another example of great British customer service… I would have told them to stick the order, but I don’t really have any time available this week to go shopping around, so I just hope they do a good job… once I get the flowers I can decide whether to post the company name here…!

What’s a shame is that a mate of mine runs a florist business, but he is down in Aldershot, so it’s not really convenient when I really want to stop by in person to get some flowers and to get the majority of them delivered. I bet he could have done a better deal for me…

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