Give my mate a job!

My girlfriend is out in Brixton tonight with her friend Mieling. That’s means I’m stuck at home listening to the radio news about cricket, football, boxing, oh and rugby too. I even dared to place a bet on Wales beating New Zealand in the rugby tomorrow using my online Paddy Power account – and I don’t usually follow the rugby much.

Mieling is a video production coordinator. But her current work contract ends in about three weeks. She is a single mum and therefore works a lot harder than most of us to make sure she stays employed and can look after her daughter too. Of course for those of us without kids, a few weeks off between contracts never hurts – afternoons in the pub or watching Jeremy Kyle can be a welcome break. But Mieling really wants to keep working and I know that loads of press, PR, and multimedia professionals know me, so I’m telling you directly that you won’t be disappointed if you ask for her CV and interview her.

Mieling has done work with tools like Final Cut Pro, PhotoShop, all the regular Office tools, and in addition to video work has worked on studio scheduling, talent management, script research – she’s really flexible and in the kind of environment where many are turning to the government for more help, she is basically asking for any job that involves a little bit of creativity.

Take a look here to see the kind of video editing she was doing in her last job. Give her a break and send her a mail here asking for her full CV…


One response to “Give my mate a job!

  1. Very sorry to about your friend. I really do hope she can find a good job that’ll help in her family situation. She’s clearly got a good friend looking out for her.
    If I hear of anything that sounds interesting I’ll come back here and let ‘ya know. I’ll ask about too.
    These are very difficult times for millions of people. Many of the reasons I’m anti establishment.
    Good luck and try have a great Xmas.
    Here’s some video links to start ‘ya off:

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