The Grove opens today in Ealing

I walked past The Grove in Ealing last Friday and it looked open – so I went in. The manager came over and said that they were not really open – it was just a dry run to test all their systems and staff, the pub actually opens today – October 11th.

But, he did let me get a free drink, which was nice.

This is the pub that used to be Finnegan’s Wake. FW was not a bad place – usually full of TVU students and with a focus on live music and comedy. You never went to FW for a nice meal.

The Grove seems to have turned all that around. It’s much smarter and the emphasis is clearly on offering good food in a smart pub – although I never got to see the menu, it looks like a gastro-pub and I couldn’t see the old stage area anymore.

They will need to work hard to capture this entirely new audience, but it should work – good luck to them!

The Grove, Ealing


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