Santander please sort out your customer service

Santander, what’s going on? I have a poor experience every time I interact with you to discuss my business bank account.

This weekend I have a number of expenses where I need to pay cash. It comes to more than the £250 limit on ATM withdrawals. I have never needed to get more than that as cash before so a week ago I called the bank and asked how I can withdraw a larger amount.

They told me it’s no problem. Call us again one day before you need the money and we will authorise the local branch to give you the money. Great.

I called the call centre today. First they transferred me to the local branch, who did not have a clue what I was talking about. Then the local branch just cut me off the line – clearly not sure what to do so they just ditched me.

I called back. Then the call centre told me that business customers cannot get money from a branch – branches are for personal customers only.

Next, the branch asked me to detail what is the money for…? Since when did I need to get permission to spend my own money?

Eventually Santander refused to let me access my funds. I’ve had to setup a CHAPS transfer to another bank account. The only saving grace is that they did not charge a fee for the transfer.

Santander – what is the story? Can’t you have a consistent line? If you had given me the correct information in the first place I could have just transferred some money to my personal current account… but now you made me wait until a day before I need it.

Abbey HQ

4 responses to “Santander please sort out your customer service

  1. And so much for the CHAPS transfer being immediate… I still can’t access the money today!! I’m hoping I can get it on Friday or there will be a big issue…

  2. Santander is an absolute nightmare. Can`t access one of my accounts since half July. No one can tell me why at their call center. Local Branch in Colchester is only saying sorry but nothing happens. For certain transactions I even had to use my Dutch euro account to make payments. What a bank and what a country where this is all possible.

  3. New customer here welcomed with very rude service. I still havent recieved my first statement and tried to call to notify santander and the call ended up as the worst customer service I have ever had. They want to charge me fees for making the payment. Horrible “policies” no actual customer service may as well just hire robots to work for them. NO HELP AT ALL!! EFF THEM!

  4. I was pressed into having a santander credit card in july this year
    sounded good as no interest on balance transfers
    the form was complete and the direct debit completes and sent off
    every month since july the last time being today they phone up to say account is in arrears and need to pay the minimum payment
    every month i set direct debit up but money never taken on it
    last month spoke to customer services with a complaint about this
    had snotty letter back saying direct debit set up no problems but no appology
    Now they phoning again as account in arrears no direvt debit been taken
    I think i am going totally mad

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