Daily Archives: August 11, 2010

Personal Branding

I’ve read more and more about ‘personal branding’ recently online. Perhaps it’s just because I’m British and tend to shy away from some of the more garish Americanisms around marketing, but isn’t this just a ghastly phrase?

I’m a freelance worker and I do my own thing, working for corporate clients, in the media, and for trade bodies, so a personal brand is important for me.

But isn’t it just my good reputation? I’m not a brand… I was asking a trade body yesterday about a project we are planning together. It’s something where I will need to pull in a corporate sponsor to fund it and I asked them if they had any requirements about the kind of supporter I could work with. They told me that common sense was all we needed to apply. If it won’t ruin my reputation then it won’t ruin theirs.

That’s a good pragmatic approach to reputation, but it seems the personal branding gurus are going crazy on Twitter at present. Either I need to stop following a few more people or just ignore the whole fad until it blows over…

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