London to Land’s End – day 4

I got a good sleep in Exeter and headed out feeling fine. It was a much longer ride today, but skirting around Dartmoor and then down to Bodmin, it was just really pleasant… except where the road became more like a motorway than a small country road.

A30 near Bodmin

That’s what the A30 looks like down near Bodmin. It’s not too bad to ride on, but the cars really go fast… When I was approaching Exeter I left the A30 for about 10 miles before getting to the city centre, so I could shadow the main road on some small country roads. That was nice, but it took me a lot longer, so I didn’t do that again today.

Fortunately, the place I was staying looked nice – the St Benet’s Abbey at Lanivet, just outside Bodmin…. a 15th century house with really nice gardens.

St Benet's Abbey, Cornwall


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