London to Land’s End day 2

I made the mistake of heading into Winchester last night and enjoying a few pints in a pub packed full of locals. I wasn’t drunk, but it meant I stayed up later than I should have done given that I was going to cycle to Yeovil in Somerset today.

I felt tired and exhausted too quickly – no matter how much Lucozade I drank… more sleep needed tonight.

I did get to Yeovil in the end, but instead of taking the entire morning, it took me most of the day. At one point I got off my bike and lay in a field this afternoon and had some sleep… so it was a long time, but I was resting half the time!

Field near Henstridge

Anyway, I made it to Yeovil and I can thoroughly recommend the Yew Tree Inn. Nice staff – guy behind the bar is from Winchester and couldn’t believe I cycled here! Good food as well. But tonight is an early night…

Yew Tree Inn, Yeovil

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