Daily Archives: July 10, 2010

USB flash drive – can you help?

I need help from an IT expert. Someone who knows how to pull apart those USB flash drive stick things and put them back together again in a way that makes them work.

I know they are usually disposable when they fail, but a friend of mine has the manuscript of her new book on one of them and now the drive has failed. There is no other backup. And this is someone who has written a book before so you can lecture her later on how to protect a manuscript, but the immediate problem is trying to retrieve the book-in-progress!

She asked the IT people at her workplace what they think could be wrong. They said: “We had a look at the innards of your drive and the contact points look good so it most likely is that control chip that has failed. Unfortunately due to the way these disks are made there is no easy or cheap way to fix it.”

Now, even if it costs some money to replace the control chip, or to somehow transplant the contents of this drive into another, what we need to find out is if it is possible at all. The effort that has gone into the book has to be worth far more than paying for some chip surgery.

Can any of you help?
Upgrade your chips to wedges