Now I’m in the Guardian…

I’m pleased to say that I wrote something for the Guardian yesterday. You can see it here – focused on the British government giving IT suppliers a hard time… I’m going to be regularly contributing to the Guardian now, mostly focused on global services, changing nature of jobs and work.

If you are not aware, I also contribute to Reuters on the politics of globalisation. Take a look here for some of my recent pieces there.

I’m still writing about social media for Computer Weekly and outsourcing for – so you can still find me there are well – but I’m interested in developing my comment from just focusing on IT and IT services to the consequences of how work is changing because of technology… I hope to see your comments on some of my work!
The Guardian

2 responses to “Now I’m in the Guardian…

  1. Hi Mark,

    Congratulations on your article, you know you could use the Guardians WordPress Plugin to syndicate the article here, so you can promote it further.

    One or two of our writers are starting to get into the habit of doing it with some success.


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