Car crashes through wall in Ealing

Isn’t it mad that the most read story on the BBC news at present is about a car in the Arcadia shopping centre in Ealing that crashed through the wall and ended up precariously hanging over the edge?

I live in Ealing so this is a local story for me. I noticed it first on Twitter and was surprised to see it picked up by the BBC as a news story and even more surprised to see it’s the most popular news story on the BBC website.

Mercedes must be jumping for joy with all the free publicity. A bit like the boy who could walk on walls because of the device he built at school, with all the mentions of how it was Tesco Value vacuum cleaners he was using.

It makes you wonder. Are PR professionals out there planning the next ‘hit’? There is a big multi-storey car park near Tower Bridge. Perhaps Audi/Renault/Ford is already planning to reverse a car through a brick wall next week just to see how the media react?
Car crash at Arcadia


One response to “Car crashes through wall in Ealing

  1. Well at least it’s put us on the map – Ealing shopping is usually remarked on for being dire eg West Ealing in a BBC expose of boarded up Britain earlier this year

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