Employees first, customers second

The CEO of Indian technology giant, Vineet Nayar, has just published a book called ‘Employees First, Customers Second’ with the Harvard Business School Press. It challenges the conventional wisdom of business in any industry – that the customer is always right – by suggesting that if you focus on looking after your employees then they will ensure the customers are happy.

I’m going to meet Vineet tomorrow to record an interview about the book and his philosophy on management. If you would like to send a question for me to use during the interview then do get in touch…

Getting ready for NASSCOM 2010

2 responses to “Employees first, customers second

  1. Mohit Jindal

    How much the value proportion that Vineet mention in his book is resilient to recession or slow down? At ground level I have seen companies becoming stringent in policies and want to focus more on business as usual rather than creating value proportion for employees to innovate. So how this new management mantra of “Employee first, customer second” is different from other management jargons when looked from recession point of view.

    Don’t you think CEO’s should look for solution to recession specially for dependent industry like IT where ‘Employee first, customer second’ is basics and is more important during recession but unfortunately that is not the way many CEO’s think at least do during hard times.

  2. A Revolutionary thought by Mr. Nayar. Human Resource is the biggest asset any organization can have and empowering Employees would result in Quality and Quantity that any organization strives for.

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