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The wifi issues in Brazil today

It turns out that there is wall-to-wall wifi at the Gartner conference in São Paulo today – so I apologise to anyone from Brasscom or Gartner who was upset by my earlier blog post… I found out that Angelica Mari from Computer Weekly had been told off by some of the conference organisers for complaining about the wifi on her Twitter feed.

I have to confess to everyone – I started it. I complained and moaned to Angelica, who also mentioned that it was not really acceptable in a modern-day conference… but she was making a fair business point and there was nothing unkind it what she – or I – said.

The situation was that our hosts had switched off the Internet access because a government minister was coming to speak at the event – so it was a “security” issue to have the wifi enabled during that time.

I did not find out this reason for the lack of Internet until hours later, after being told that I was just not allowed to use Internet in the conference hall. And furthermore, what a ridiculous reason anyway. Could the government minister in question email me and explain why we are not allowed to use the Internet in his presence please?

Thanks to Andrew Spender from Gartner in New York for helping to get to the bottom of the mystery – and he was just following our tweets from Brazil and able to coordinate better than some of the conference team on the ground. Interesting.

This is not a big issue though. I don’t have an axe to grind with anyone and especially not Brasscom or Gartner, but I thought I’d better follow up from the earlier blog because it seems some feathers were ruffled.

A note of reference for conference organisers everywhere, please just ensure the story is right. If you are switching off the net access temporarily, then why not let the audience know the reason?

It’s a whole lot better than someone giving out the wrong information “you are not allowed online in here…”

Pele and Hurst together

Why no Wifi?

I’m at the Gartner outsourcing summit in São Paulo, Brazil today. I walked into the keynote session a little earlier this morning only to find that there is no Internet availability in the conference area of the hotel.

I asked the conference organisers why I can’t get online. They said that people at the conference are not allowed to get online.

Umm, so how is anyone supposed to blog the conference or make comments about what the speakers are saying?

I did ask them earlier what the hashtag for the event is, only to be greeted by blank stares… Come on Gartner, what’s going on? You can do a lot better than this in Brazil. At NASSCOM in Mumbai, bloggers are allowed seats at the front of the conference hall – with power sockets – so they can get unobstructed video and photo content out onto the web immediately.

This time it feels like I’m an imposition, asking constant questions and getting no answers.
Gartner Outsourcing Summit Brazil 2010