Celebrity autographs

Can you help me? It’s my birthday in September and as one part of the party, I’m planning a charity auction. I’m going to ask some celebs to sign photos or other stuff so I can auction them off to raise cash for charidee – I haven’t really decided which one, but it will probably be for Alzheimer’s research as that’s what killed my grandfather – over a pretty miserable period of several years.

I’m thinking about things like Ricky Hatton signing a boxing glove, Cheryl Cole signing a CD, David Cameron signing a photo of Big Ben… if you walked into a pub and they were holding a charity auction, who or what would you bid on in a dream auction?

Joe Calzaghe boxing glove

4 responses to “Celebrity autographs

  1. Firstly, good on your for throwing a party for yourself and to help others.

    Secondly, does it have to be related to Alzheimer’s? I would bid on a first edition book…especially one signed by Tolkien himself.

    • Hi Susie, I don’t have a fixed charity yet as I am only putting the plan together, but that’s probably going to be my choice because it killed my grandfather and I watched him spend about 5 years going downhill. When he died I only felt relief for him because he had actually died a lot earlier.

      I love first editions too. I have most of George Orwell’s books in first edition, none signed though. I would like to collect some Oscar Wilde, but the price is huge because the first editions were printed in quite small quantities – i suspect the same might be true of Tolkien. The books are out there though.

  2. Sorry I don’t think I expressed myself clearly. I meant does the item you sell need to relate to Alzheimers? Anyway…you’re right about the books…but maybe someone would donate for charity?

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