Daily Archives: June 2, 2010

Celebrity autographs

Can you help me? It’s my birthday in September and as one part of the party, I’m planning a charity auction. I’m going to ask some celebs to sign photos or other stuff so I can auction them off to raise cash for charidee – I haven’t really decided which one, but it will probably be for Alzheimer’s research as that’s what killed my grandfather – over a pretty miserable period of several years.

I’m thinking about things like Ricky Hatton signing a boxing glove, Cheryl Cole signing a CD, David Cameron signing a photo of Big Ben… if you walked into a pub and they were holding a charity auction, who or what would you bid on in a dream auction?

Joe Calzaghe boxing glove

Please help the Migrant Tales book project!

The Migrant Tales group on Facebook is starting to get some serious interest. Soon after being set up there are already 120 fans of the book and many ideas starting to flow. But we need more.

I’m starting to contact the editors of various diaspora magazines. You know the free magazines you see scattered around London, mainly outside stations, all focused on a specific migrant community. Where I live in Ealing there are several magazines catering to the local Polish community, nearby in Shepherd’s Bush there are mags for the Kiwi and Aussies.

I need your help to reach out to as many of these diaspora publications as possible. I need to reach their editors to tell them about the book project so they can tell their readers – so we can draw more stories and experiences from these people.

Please get in touch with me if you have a copy of any of these magazines to hand and you can send me the contact email for the title – either leave a comment here on this blog or get in touch with me directly…

Thanks for your help in advance!