BBC Click is now online

At last! The BBC Click TV show where I present an entire package on Google is online and being broadcast all over the world this week on BBC World TV. It went out on BBC1 this morning in the UK and my sister was texting me, surprised to get messages from her friends telling her to switch on!

Click here to go and watch it on the BB iPlayer…

Me on BBC Click

3 responses to “BBC Click is now online

  1. An interesting story, but it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. For example, I have had two videos flagged as copyright infringing by companies who do not own the content. Youtube have now put ads on those videos and said that no further action is required on y part, but are these two of my three strikes?

    I am very sympathetic to Google though. I used to be Managing Director of quite a large web hosting company and we had to arbitrate on copyright disputes every day. The law as it exists in the UK drags service providers into acting as a court.

    On a similar note I do worry that my blogger blog could be pulled down by someone who objects to some of my investigative articles. I felt I had to publish something this week as an update to an old article. Its entirely factual and backed up with links to documents, but I have a sense of doom about what its going to lead to.

    I will never forget receiving a lawyers letter from a religious cult complaining that one of our customers had published their company accounts, which they tried to claim were copyright (which they weren’t as limited company accounts are at companies house and in the public domain) but the law was such that as soon as a complaint was made we had to make the material disappear.

    Very worrying.

  2. Thanks Gordon. I agree with your concern. That’s a delicate situation isn’t it. And it applies in so many scenarios, but the bottom line is that if complaints are received, but are not justified, then who adjudicates?

  3. Yes Mark, as the law stands there is no adjudication its up to the service provider and they do it to prevent themselves being sued. This is because they are deemed to be the publisher and often the person who put the material there has no money and is not worth pursuing.

    The problem with artistic content is that copyright law is being used to prevent distribution when it is really meant to ensure that royalties are paid when material is distributed (which is not the same thing at all).

    I am considering opening a new YouTube account and leave the old one dormant in the hope that it gives me a clean sheet.

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