Daily Archives: May 19, 2010

Is genealogy the only attraction for silver surfers?

My parents don’t use the Internet. They don’t need to use the Internet and they don’t really want to, though I know my father is tempted by news reports of family tree history being easy to research online.

Yet there are endless stories like this in the BBC of how much time everyone is spending online. It seems web use is 65% up in the UK, compared to three years ago. But a quarter of all that time is spent on social networks and blogs.

So what about the generation still thinks spam is a cheap tin of meat?

What will be the ‘killer app’ that encourages people to explore the Internet when they have spent their entire life not needing it? I suspect the government will use a carrot and stick approach to getting people online – free training, tax breaks for doing government business online (tax returns for example) – but ultimately, what will it be that convinces people they have to get online or miss out?