It’s the Tories

Who would have thought it? We went from The Conservatives being phenomenally popular a year back to almost throwing it away. This election was always going to be a tough one for Brown. After 13 years in power and with issues such as the ongoing foreign conflicts and the expenses scandal, the incumbent would always be working hard to cling on to power.

But the Lib Dems getting fewer seats than they had in 2005 and still ending up in government as part of a coalition. Who would have scripted it this way?

The big question now is how far will the electoral reform go? The new government has promised a referendum, but will it be for true PR – in the lower house as well as upper – or just a halfway option of something like AV?

Then, if the coalition lasts long enough for electoral reform, will that be the point it breaks apart? How long are the Lib Dems in this game for?

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