Santa Maria pizza: “best pizza in London”

I was really pleased to see this review of the Santa Maria pizza restaurant in Ealing in the April 14 edition of Time Out magazine.

I had just walked past the restaurant the other day and Pasquale came out to say that he was short-listed in a Time Out survey of Italian restaurants. He was telling everyone that they may possibly be listed as the best pizza restaurant in west London. I was only walking past the restaurant and he came over to tell me this. I’ve only eaten there three times, but already it feels like I’m a regular… it’s new though, just a few months old, so he must have noticed a few people developing into ‘regulars’.
Santa Maria, Ealing

But the Time Out review goes much further, giving the restaurant 5 stars for food and listing it at the top of all their pizza restaurant reviews for London. And it’s listed as the best pizza place in London whilst also being listed in the ‘budget’ category for price!

Congratulations to the guys at Santa Maria. I loved the food there when I tried it and I know I will be returning more often – if I can get a table.

Oh, and if you want to know how to find it, use the 65 bus. The bus goes north from South Ealing station or south from Ealing Broadway – the 65 runs right past the restaurant, and it’s next door to the Red Lion pub. Well worth a visit for their collection of ‘Ealing Comedy’ posters and photos (the pub and restaurant are directly opposite Ealing Studios), and the Fuller’s beer.
Best pizza in London


5 responses to “Santa Maria pizza: “best pizza in London”

  1. With all the buzz surrounding Santa Maria I was so looking forward to enjoying last night there with 2 of my friends. However, after waiting outside for 20 minutes without any acknowledgement from the waitress and waiters – not even a hello or an apology for the wait to keep us interested, the table of 4 we had been waiting for was split up and given to 2 couples behind us in the queue. When I suggested the waitress had been a bit rude given that we had been first in the queue and were a bit put out that she had ignored us the entire time we had been stood outside waiting, the manager was uninterested and unapologetic. A real shame as it had been talked up so much. From an outsider looking in the atmosphere appeared rushed and unfriendly without any focus on customer care. Perhaps it is the best pizza in London but I don’t feel particularly motivated to give it another shot. It appears that massaged egos have given Santa Maria carte blanche to handpick their customers at the expense of others. The curse of the good review. At least the pleasant Thai restaurant nearer to home didn’t turn a blind eye and I am sure to be a valued customer there. Sorry Santa Maria but 0/10 for effort and as for the pizza I suppose it will remain legendary.

  2. Hi Bea, that’s the problem with suddenly getting so popular and only having 8 tables I guess. I was there last week very late, just before closing – and they were still busy. I had to sit on a side table to eat… great food though. If you can get served…

  3. “Bea”,
    You’ve published that review on nearly every website that mentions Santa Maria; what’s your agenda?

  4. Kat, im really pleased that you have noiced that. It’s one of the rare negative reviews abot us. Was wondering the same thing as well.

    there is a review of someone that was there as well that night.

    thank you Kat

    • And I would add, that even when Santa Maria is busy, the staff are helpful and honest about how long it might take to get a table. What I have usually found is that they tell you how long it will approximately be, take your mobile phone number, and let you go off to the Red Lion pub next door for a drink – then they call when the table is ready… that’s better than average service!

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