Budget 2010

Social media has been around for a few years now. Not all that long, but a few years. I’ve been uploading a lot of content to places like Flickr and Youtube since 2006, but what’s changed in the past year is the switch between social media as something related to the ‘Web 2.0’ concept of users uploading their own content and the interactive web, as typified by Twitter.

So, even though we have had social tools for the past few years, the budget this year felt different. It was the first time I could see every single major broadcaster assembling experts to analyse the budget online as it was happening. I was following Sky, the BBC, BBC radio, and Computer Weekly online all at the same time while the budget was taking place. There was a phenomenal amount of debate taking place online while the Chancellor was making his speech – proving that this general election is going to be the most interactive and democratic we have ever experienced.

I personally was surprised to hear that there was a difference between something I heard the Prime Minister say on Monday and what I heard the Chancellor say today. I was there in person on Monday and I was listening live on radio today so I know I’m right, but has anyone else noticed the way the Digital Britain broadband penetration targets have changed?

It was a great experience though and I’m looking forward to spending the whole night on May 6 drinking Red Bull and coffee whilst tweeting from central London…


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